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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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  • Kerala Regional Missionary Conference Calls to Promote the Inclusive Radical Transformation Mission & Evangelism

    “A radical transformation in an inclusive way as the need of the hour” was the remarkable call raised by Kerala Regional Missionary Conference held at CSI Retreat Centre, Shornoor on 16th and 17th July 2018.

    The Conference started with a Bible study led by Rev. Sunil Raj Philip (Director, Communication& Dalit and Adivasi Department, CSI Synod) based on the text Luke 4:18-19.

    “Contextual reading of the Bible is inevitable to understand the current living scenario. It was the methodology of Jesus Christ. Gospel of Jesus was the gospel of sustainable care and support to the most vulnerable of the society. It is not the superficial solutions of the issues, on the other hand, a radical, as well as fundal solutions, are needed. Nay, we need to identify the root cause of the problems which is leading to various dehumanizing activities and try to solve it for the sustainable living of all. More ardently, the church should engage in liberation and emancipation process for the radical transformation of the living situation for the well-being of all”, highlighted Rev. Sunil Raj Philip in his Bible Study.

    “In a broader sense, there are 4.3 Million Missionaries in Church of South India”, said Rev. Maxcin John (Mission Director, CSI Synod) in his introductory Address. Each member and each family are the missionaries of the Church of South India. Moreover, life and work of the members of the church are the best medium to propagate the gospel of Christ to all, he added.

    “Transformed and transforming discipleship are the main characteristics of Christian fellowship”, said Rt. Rev. Dr. K. G. Daniel, Bishop in East Kerala Diocese, during his presidential address in the inaugural ceremony. Christ community should be based on the gospel values, prayer and fellowship. It should be learning community as well as sacramental and spiritual exercising community, Bishop added.

    “What Missionary ought to be rather than what missionary is” should be an important concern in doing the mission, pointed out by the Rt. Rev. B.N. Fenn, Bishop in Cochin Diocese, during his inaugural address. Misguiding others by being misguided is pathetic. Missionaries should lead others by trust in God so that God will enable us to move ahead in doing Mission and equip us through corrections and rectifications, Bishop added.

    The Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George has delivered a keynote address on “Equipping Missionaries towards Building Christ Communities- A New Testament Perspective”. Jesus Christ is the missionary par excellence. It is the need of the hour to follow in the footsteps of Christ in doing the mission. Passion for the mission is important than anything. Missionaries of the early periods were filled with missionary zeal. Likewise, all missionaries must have filled with passion for the mission based on the gospel values of Jesus Christ, stated the Bishop. Furthermore, Missionary approach should be inclusive as well as borderless and we need to stand firm for the radical change of the living circumstances into the peace and just society picturized by Jesus Christ, Bishop added.

    “We must be an embracing community in the spirit of inclusion”, said Rev. Sunil Raj Philip in his Bible study based on Mathew 25: 31-46 during the Holy Communion Service solemnized by Rt. Rev. Dr. K. G. Daniel. There will be a judgement based on our actions and attitudes. Our duty is to cross the borders and identify the most vulnerable and be with them as much as possible for their liberation as well as transformation, Rev. Sunil Raj Philip emphasized.

    Following the Holy Communion Service, The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. G. Daniel, conducted a session based on “Equipping Missionaries towards Building Christ Communities: Commitment and Dedication in doing Mission”. A Missionary should be a steward, capable to use the resources, faithful, act like a soldier, and hope for good, Bishop added based on 2 Timothy 1-2. Moreover, a missionary should be disciplined, well-trained and alert to the field. Gospel of Christ is not a monument, but a movement. All missionaries should be the vessels and channels of gospel values, said Bishop. It is not to build up our own empire, but to build the community towards the reign of God should be the broader focus, Bishop added.

    A team from SEVA department of CSI Synod has conducted a session on “Justice and Empowering Diakonia Perspective” (JEDP). “We need to discern the signs of the age and then, we should do our prophetic role towards the living surrounds”, said Issac Japaseelan, Coordinator, CSI SEVA. Service should be empowering, the voice of the voiceless, and defence to the defenceless. Our Churches should be disabled- friendly and we should challenge the injustices to do the justice for all, Issac added. Mr. Cruze, Mr. Chacko and Rev. Saju Benjamin also have represented the SEVA Department.

    “Missional languages and signs should be translated into the level of grassroots and it must be inclusive”, stated Rev. Sunil Raj Philip while he was conducting a session on “Missional Communication in Pluri-faith Context”. He emphasized for a paradigm shift from the mission to the margin into the mission from the Margin. The mission is not mere charity, but responsibility for the radical transformation. In this context, instead of imitating the signs and language of the oppressors, we need to sound the languages and signs of the oppressed, Rev. Sunil Raj added.

    “Our calling is not just to start the race, but to accomplish the race”, said Bishop Fenn during the valedictory message of the conference. We may face various hurdles, but we must overcome by placing our trust in God who called us and send us out for God’s Mission, Bishop added.

    Mrs. Sakhi Fenn has conveyed her greetings to the conference. Rev. Shalu T. Mathew (Parakkal Mission), Rev. Anish Mathew (Cochin Diocese) and Mr. Sathyadas (South Kerala Diocese) have shared their Missionary experiences. The conference was hosted by Cochin Diocese which was greatly appreciated and commendable. Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod is grateful to the diocese of Cochin for the support and help.

    Kerala Regional Missionary conference was a creative opportunity for learning and listening together in the context of doing the mission. It was the ‘common platform to learn to unlearn and relearn’ in all approaches and outlooks towards the Missionary activities. There are eighty delegates have participated in the conference from respective dioceses of Kerala such as East Kerala, Madhya Kerala, South Kerala, Kollam-Kottarakara, Cochin and Malabar. Undoubtedly, Kerala Regional Missionary conference has provided a venue for rejuvenation and made a call to promote and encourage the radical transformation in an inclusive way through transformed discipleship.

    Reported by

    Rev. Maxcin John,
    Director, Mission and Evangelism Department,
    CSI Synod.

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