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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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  • “ Significance of the so-called Insignificants “: Mission Exposure Visit Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: Mission is the movement for ‘searching, reaching, researching, torching and marching’with the so-called insignificants in order to revitalize and mainstream their potentials and possibilities towards radical and sustainable transformation. Therefore, Synod mission Department along with the Board for Mission and Evangelism has organized a mission exposure visit to the remote rural mission fields in East Keral Diocese on 28th July 2019.

    The exposure team has visited Memary, Thekkumthottam, Kannampady and Vattapathaal Mission Fields. It was creative missional experience to act and react with the people those who are living in those areas. Though those areas seem to be ‘ so- called insignificant ‘, it is visible and remarkable of the vibrancy of the people in which we could easily identify and realize the various significant capacities of the people. It is important to extend constant accompaniment with the people to capacitate them for the sustainable transformation.

    The team for the exposure visit was including Rev. A. E. Eappen(Mission Director in East Kerala Diocese ), Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, Mr. Rajendran, Mr. Ebnezer, Mr. Selvaaraj, Mr. Arun, Mr. Jose and Mr. Solomon. The visit was an eye -opener into the various living context of the people which should be addressed in a missional ways.

    Reported by
    Rev. Maxcin John
    Director for Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod,


    “With Mission, Church isMovement, otherwise, Monument”: One-Day Mission Conference in Melukavu Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod and the Board for Mission and Evangelism, East Kerala Diocese have organized one-day Mission Conference on 30th July 2019 at CSI Christ Cathedral, Melukavu in East Kerala Diocese. The theme for the conference was “enhancing capacities of congregations to become missional congregations”. Rt.Rev.V.S. Francis, Bishop in East Kerala Diocese has inaugurated the conference in the presence of Rt.Rev.Dr. K.G. Daniel (Former Bishop in EKD) and Rev. Christopher Vijayan (NMSI General Secretary).

    “Mission and Evangelism are our priorities”, said Bishop V.S.Francis during the inaugural speech. He further stated that for the church, everything is mission. All members of the church must be conscious about the responsibility to participate in the mission of God. Through our words and deeds, we have to propagate good news to others. It is the need of the hour to identify new missionaries and evangelists those who have commitment and dedication for the ministry, Bishop added.

    “Witnessing Jesus Christ through our life is mission and evangelism”, said Bishop K.G. Daniel during the opening speech. Bishop further stated that we need to learn the history of the church. Moreover, we have to celebrate the legacy of mission left by our former missionariesand we should transform our today’s missional engagements as missional legacies for tomorrow so that our younger generations will carry on the same. The Resource of mission is the word of God and we must witness the word of God through our day to day life (Luke 24: 45-48). Through mission and evangelism, we should propagate the gospel of salvation to all and lead the people to the repentance and transformation, Bishop added.

    “Mission and Evangelism will flourish as much as possible whereas we could able to reach the grassroots in maximum level”, said Rev. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary, National Missionary Society of India (NMSI). He further stated that it’s the need of the hour to reach the smallest congregations to transform them as the partakers in the mission and evangelism. We need to capacitate each congregation to become missional. CSI is the missional Church. Mission is the breath of CSI. With mission, church will be a movement, otherwise, monument. It’s the need of the hour to underline and highlight the reality of the “priesthood of all believers”. Therefore, we should take the initiatives to enhance the capacities of congregations to become missional congregations. Mission is not mere emotional, but doing and practice. Let others to see something through our life. Moreover, we should build confidence in congregations to participate in the mission. The credibility and the integrity of the life is an important matter for the mission. We should keep simplicity in our missional engagements. Furthermore, we should foster ‘brotherhood and sisterhood’ in our attitudes and approaches towards the mission and evangelism activities. The notion of ‘friendship’ must be the basic attitude. Ultimately, mission is something about ‘SEVA’ -service to others in love and compassion, he added.

    “Gospel of Jesus Christ brings transformation in the holistic ways”, said Dr. Josemon George (Lay Secretary, East Kerala Diocese) during his session based on “Mission as Healing”. He further stated that healing was the important matter in the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility of all to participate in the ministry of healing in possible ways. We should work together for the social, mental, spiritual and physical health of everybody without any discriminations. It is an inclusive missional engagement by which we could able to reach everybody in love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Through the healing ministry, we could able to cherish inter-personal relationship, reach and enrich our fellow-beings, and promote inclusive mentality. It is the ministry without any religious and caste barriers. Through house visits, hospital visits, sick visits, prayers, counselling, and other possible involvement in the first-aid and pre-hospital care, all members of the congregations could able to participate in the healing mission, he added.

    ” Annihilation of sin is the mission” said Rev.P.C.Mathewkutty, Treasurer in EKD during the Panel discussion on the mission and evangelism. He further stated that it will repair the broken relationship and transform everybody into fellowship in the presence of God. Our offering to God must be our sincere engagements in the mission of God and we should be ready to work with Jesus Christ to build the kingdom of God, he added.

    “Women are highly potential and they have important role in the mission of God” said Mrs. Salomy Daniel while she was talking in the panel discussion. All women must be the channel of peace and justice wherever they are living and thus, everybody could participate in the mission of God. We should try our best level to transform our individual life and family life, then societal life, she added.

    “Various associations of the Church like Sunday School, Youth, Women’s Fellowship, Choir, Men’s Fellowship, Prayer Groups, and Fellowship groups must be promoted and encourage the members of the congregation to participate in the various activities of the associations” said Mr. K.J. Jose during the panel discussions. We could able to promote qualitative leadership for the future through various activities of such associations, he added.

    “Prayer life, witnessing through the credibility of life, meditation of the word of God, creative preaching and teaching must be the face value of each missionaries”, said Mr. Paul George, Delhi Missionary during the panel discussion. Only through the life-witnessing, we could able to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ, he added.

    The Conference was presided over by Rev.Johny Joseph, Vicar in Cathedral. “We need laborious missionaries for the mission and evangelism those who are ever ready to preach the crucified and resurrected Christ”, he stated during the presidential address.

    The One-day Missionary conference was well -organized by the Board for Mission and Evangelism, East Kerala Diocese. Synod Mission Department is grateful to all of them, especially Bishop V.S. Francis, Rev.P.C.Mathewkutty( Treasurer), Rev.Biju Joseph( Clergy Secretary), Dr. Josemon George( Lay Secretary), Rev.A.EEappen( Mission Director), Rev.JamesP.Mammen( Board Secretary), Rev.Anish P.J.( Mission Coordinator), and the Carmel Mission Gospel Team, all pastors, church workers, Missionaries, Evangelists, and others members from the congregations for their active leadership, involvements, and participation in the conference. Mr.ThomasChazhikadan( Member of Parliament, Kottayam) also has participated in the conference and conveyed his greetings.

    In conclusion, conference was the opportunity to come together and encourage each other, learn and listen from each other in doing mission. More specifically, the conference really boosts the passion for the mission.

    Reported by
    Rev.Maxcin John
    Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism,
    CSI Synod.


    “Be Transformed, then Transform”: Grand Finale of Kerala Regional Missionary Conference 2019 Mission & Evangelism

    “Until and unless we are transformed by the gospel Christ, we cannot lead anybody into sustainable transformation,” said Dr William Jones; Former Secretary, Board for Mission (BFM) of the South Kerala Diocese (SKD) of the Church of South India (CSI) during the session based on “Mission in the Pluri-Faith Context-Practical Guidelines” on 26th July 2019 at L.M.S. Compound, Thiruvananthapuram. He further stated that the credibility of life is more important in the missional engagements (Phil 2: 14-16, Rom 12: 1-2). We are the servants of God. Therefore, we should be controlled by the word of God (Ps 95: 8). Evangelism through life is our obligation (1 Cor. 9: 16). It is an act of transformation from darkness into light. It must include everybody. We should have a burden to propagate the gospel of Christ. Furthermore, we are not only a called community, but also a send-out community. The personal relationship with Christ is the matter which helps us to participate in the mission of God ardently. We should abide with Christ and taste Christ in our daily life. We can’t be passive, but we should be active towards the missional engagements. As Jesus Christ travelled through urban, semi urban and rural areas, we should be ready to walk through different living context to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the Mission, we should go, send, give and pray, added by Dr William Jones.

    “Our life must be the gospel,” said Mrs Sherly Rassalam during the valedictory message for the final day of the conference. She further stated that we should reach to everybody in love and compassion. We need to overcome all hurdles in our day to day life by the power of God. Furthermore, with an ardent passion, we have to address everybody and embrace everybody with the gospel of Christ.

    The final day conference was beginning with the worship led by East Kerala Diocese. There was a group work based on “Action Plan for the Missional Engagements in the Context of Kerala Region”. All participants actively participated in the group activities and proposed possible as well as feasible activities towards the missional engagements. Rev. C. P. Justin Jose (Mission Director, BFM SKD) conveyed the vote of thanks to everybody. The Kerala Regional Conference was concluded with re-dedication and re-commitment for the mission by the participants.

    The Kerala Regional Missionary Conference 2019 was the venue to boost the passion for the mission. It was the stage for fellowship, mutual learning and listening. Furthermore, conference paved the way for networking among the dioceses for the mission. More remarkably, there was a commitment and dedication to come together more and more as well as a journey together in all possible ways for the mission of God.

    The South Kerala Diocese, especially revered Bishop, Officers, Board for Mission and Women’s Centre deserves much thanks and gratitude for cordially hosting the conference by providing all local arrangements and a token of appreciation for all the participants. The BFM Gospel Orchestra was amazing and blessed one which brought the feeling of moving Spirit throughout the conference.

    Reported by
    Rev. Maxcin John
    Director for Mission and Evangelism,
    CSI Synod.


    “Use the Talents to Serve the People”: Kerala Regional Missionary Conference-Day-2 Mission & Evangelism

    “Everybody is supposed to use their own talents to serve the people” said Rt. Rev. Dr. Reuben Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar Diocese during the session based on “Possibilities and Potentialities of Congregation” in the second day of the Kerala Regional Missionary Conference on 25th July 2019. Bishop further added that God is not partial, but for everyone. Therefore, mission is for everyone. God gives talents to each and every one. It’s our responsibility and accountability to use those gifts to serve people without any divisions (1 Peter4:10-11). Let others see and taste the gospel Jesus Christ through our life-witnessing. All the congregations are highly potential and blessed with various possibilities. So, it’s the need of the hour to enhance the capacities of Congregation to become missional, Bishop added.

    Furthermore, Bishop stated that we should be a prophetic missionary like Elijah who has travelled to Cherith River to Zarephath (I Kings 17). We must ready to obey the God’s guidance, always ready to move accordingly and be bless to others like Elijah. Our practices and presence must be blessing to others. We should declare our solidarity to the marginals those who are living in most deteriorated conditions, Bishop added.

    “Missional Engagements must be revitalized by the using of various art forms” said Rev. Sunil Raj Philip (Director for Communication, Adivasi-Dalit Department) during the session based on” Mission Through Arts”. He further said that everyone has artistic instincts which should be inspired and boosted. Today’s missional engagements could be streamlined through various arts. It is more easy and creative communication methodologies in which everyone could participate according to the various capacities. Our basic artistic instincts should be developed day-by-day and try our best level to translate the mission through different art forms. The Bible is the book of arts. Furthermore, we have to develop professionalism in the practice of arts, added Rev. Sunil Raj Philip.

    Rev. Sunil Raj Philip has organized a workshop and encouraged the delegates to make missional posters. It was a time of finding and kindling the various creativities of the delegates.

    “I love Mission, I love Missionaries and I love the people those who have a vision about the Mission of God,” said Rt.Rev.V.S. Francis, Bishop in East Kerala Diocese during his speech in the conference. Bishop further added that “commitment, dedication, and involvement” are the important factors in the missional engagements. We should live out the gospel of Christ and be a role model to others through our life-witnessing. On behalf of Kerala Regional Missionary Conference, there was a special reception to Bishop V.S. Francis who is newly consecrated as the 4th Bishop of CSI East Kerala Diocese.

    “The Church should acknowledge the role of Women and the Children in the Missional engagements”, said Rev. Mrs Priscilla Reuben, Karimnagar Diocese. She further opinioned that the Church should ensure gender equity and provide more creative stage and venue for the women and the children to engage in the mission with their various talents and capacities.

    The second day of the conference beganwith worship led by Cochin Diocese and the evening worship was led by Malabar Diocese. There was an outreach program organized by the South Kerala Diocese to Kannammoola Seminary and to Kovalam in which all delegates participated and engaged. Moreover, there was a cultural performance evening in which delegates from various dioceses performed their God-given talents through various art forms.

    ‘A call for constant accompaniment with most vulnerable’ was the crux of the second day of the conference.

    Reported by
    Rev. Maxcin John
    Director for the Department of Mission and Evangelism,
    CSI Synod.


    KUTS Offers Constant Accompaniment towards the Missional Engagements of CSI Mission & Evangelism

    Kerala United Theological Seminary (KUTS), Kannammoola in Trivandrum, offers constant accompaniment towards the missional engagements of the Church of South India (CSI). It was communicated during the time of the visit to the Seminary by the delegates of Kerala Regional Missionary Conference 2019 on the 25th July 2019. Rev. Dr C. I. David Joy; the Principal of KUTS, along with other Faculty Members and students have extended warm reception to the delegates at the Seminary Chapel.

    Besides, on behalf of Seminary, there was a reception to Rt. Rev. V. S. Francis, newly consecrated Bishop in the East Kerala Diocese.

    The Principal in KUTS informed the gathering that the commencing of a one-month missionary training programme for the missionaries since August 2019. All the delegates from the six CSI dioceses of Kerala have participated in the exposure visit to the Seminary.

    The Visit was an opportunity to have fellowship, foster relationship, network for the mission and get to know each other.

    Synod Mission and Evangelism Department is grateful to KUTS for the warm reception and an offer for constant accompaniment for the missional engagements.

    Reported by
    Rev. Maxcin John
    Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism,
    CSI Synod.