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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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  • Betlagundu Mission Review Meeting Mission & Evangelism

    Betlagundu: The Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod has participated in the Mission Review Meeting organized by Home Missionary Society (HMS), Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese on 10th March 2020 at Batlagundu CSI Church, Dindigul District in Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese. This meeting was the part of the regular monthly mission review of HMS. The meeting was started with praise and worship led and Rev.Maxcin John led a devotion based on Mathew 5:13-16. He reminded that being salt and light to the world is not just a privilege or position, rather, responsibility and accountability. ‘Marturia’-witnessing is an important matter and our life must glorifiable to God always, he told. There was a sharing session in which the missionaries shared their stories from the Mission fields such as developments, challenges etc.

    Rev. Pon Prabhakar, Director for the HMS organized and led the program in a creative way. Betlagundu Church hosted the program under the leadership of Rev.Daiva Kani (Pastor), and the Pastoramma and the Church committee members. 53 missionaries have attended the monthly review meeting. It was the opportunity to learn and listen together as well as to have fellowship with each other.

    The Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese has its strong footing in the committed service rendered by missionaries. Church Missionary Society (CMS), The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) and The American-Madura Mission were the three reputed organizations which printed their service in our Diocese. Among the above said three Missionary Societies, the American-Madura Mission’s contribution is tremendous. Betladundu was the crucial station for the missional engagements. Nowadays, under the HMS, mission work is moving for the transformation of the given community.

    The Department is thankful to Rt. Rev. M. Joseph, Bishop in Madurai- Ramnadu Diocese and also all officers as well as Rev.Pon Prabhakar, Director for HMS. Fifty-two missionaries have attended in the monthly review meeting.

    Reported by

    Rev.Maxcin John

    Director, the Department of Mission and Evangelism

    CSI Synod


    Mission Praxis in Mercy Home, Inmba Illam and Arulagam Mission & Evangelism

    Aruppukottai& Pasumalai: It was really a touching experience and eye-opening occasion to witness the life and work of the service centres as Mercy Home in Aruppukottai, Inmba Illam in Pasumalai and Arulagam in Pasumalai in Madhurai- Ramnad Diocese. The Department of Mission and Evangelism engaged in a mission exposure visits to these mission centres on 11th March 2020 and witnessed the pragmatic missional engagements of the Churches in Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese. All these three homes are serving as a space for the homeless, deprived, destitute, exploited as well as marginalized. Congregations become missional congregations to embrace these peoples and Individuals, families, and other organizations are sharing their resources for the sustainable transformation of the fellow human beings for their radical transformation. Mercy Home and Inbaillam serve as the senior citizen’s home where both female and male are accommodated. In regards to the Arulagam, it is exclusively for ladies and girls for their transformative engagements. This centre provides special training in handlooms and handicrafts. They are also making girdles for the pastors.

    One of the noticeable things regarding the support of these centres that the community which is living around also sharing their resources for the running of these homes. Especially, during the special days in their lives, they are visiting the homes and celebrating the special events with the inmates. Thus, these centres become a hope for everybody and networking with everybody in compassion and love. This is really a model for missional praxis-pragmatic missional engagements where we could experience the life-affirming as well as humanizing activities.

    The Mission exposure visit was accompanied by Mr. Pon Raju (Social Coordinator), Rev. J. Ebenezer Joshua (Aruppukottai), Mrs. Kamala Moni (Nurse), Mr. Edwin (Pasumalai), Mrs.Sharmila(Warden, Pasumalai), and Dr. Rathni Alfred (Secretary, Arulagam).

    It is noteworthy that Tamilnadu Theological Seminary (TTS)also sending students for the practical exposure work in these centres. It will enhance their capacities to become more missional.

    As a part of exposure visits, there was a visit to TTS, Arasaradi in Madurai and special mission consultation with Rev. Dr. Alfred Stephen (Dpt. Of Homiletics in TTS). He has shared about the need of the shift in the missional engagements. He has suggested “MEEC”- Mission of Enhancing the Excluded Community”, “TIME”-Transcending Initiative for Ministerial Engagements” and “LEG”-Listening for the Echoes of the Gospel” in the missional engagements of the church in the days to come. Furthermore, there was a short meet with Rev. Dr. Margaret Kalaiselvi (Principal, TTS) and Rev. Dr. Peter Sing (Dpt. Of Communication in TTS). Eco-friendly nature of the TTS campus, as well as the missional orientation of the TTS, are so remarkable.

    The Department is grateful to Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph (Bishop in Madhurai-Ramnad Diocese) and Rev.Pon Prabhakar (HMS, Director for arranged the visit). Moreover, it was also a learning experience to visit OCPM School in Narimedu along with Rev. Dr. David Jabaraj (Clergy Secretary, Madurai-Ramnadu Diocese). Where we could able to witness the efforts of overall transformative engagements of the school to build up younger generations.

    Reported by

    Rev.Maxcin John

    Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism

    CSI Synod.


    Mission Convention Weekend – 2020 Mission & Evangelism

    The annual Mission Convention 2020 was held on the 1st and 2nd of Feb at the East Parade Malayalam Church, MG Road, Bangalore, under the leadership of Presbyter in charge, Rev. Nebu Skariah and Asst Presbyter Dn. Rev Darwin VV.

    The speaker for the Mission Convention was Rev Maxcin John from the CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department and the theme was based on John 1:39 – “Come and See”. Jesus invitation to the disciples who followed Him, after hearing John the Baptist’s testimony – “…see the lamp of God, who takes away the sins of the world…” Seeing the disciples follow and after enquiring what they sort, Jesus gave out the invitation… “Come and See”

    As a part of the mission convention, the East Parade Malayalam Church invited 12 missionaries from different mission fields across India, that are managed by different dioceses of the CSI church. These included mission fields in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala

    The CSI Odisha Mission, managed by Rev Soji Thomas, along with four missionaries, Evg. Janmajeya Digal, Evg. Mohanlal Nayak, Evg. Praful Digal and Evg. Saimon Nayak, were part of this year’s mission convention. Rev Soji shared the mission activities and the work done by the missionaries across different villages, with the available resources and facilities and in the midst of all the challenges faced in sharing the gospel across the villages.

    The Parakkal mission in Telangana state was represented by Rev. Shalu T Mathew and family. He shared the mission activities at Parakkal and the impact that the mission has had and continues to have in the region. He shared the focus of the mission activities in the areas of healthcare, education and sharing the Word of God. The East Parade Malayalam church youth supports the mission activities at Parakkal.

    The Mysore mission, in-charge Rev Anoop George Joseph along with Evg. Shekkapa were part of the mission convention. Rev Anoop shared the activities on ground, in the field of education, Student ministry and spiritual nurturing for the villages surrounding the school run by the mission and across Mysore. Evg. Shekappa along with other missionaries cater to the spiritual needs of the surrounding villages. The Senior Citizen Fellowship supports the missionary at Mysore and also periodically visits the mission field.

    The East Kerala Mission Director Rev A E Eapen, shared the mission activities under the diocese and the work done across the different mission fields. He was accompanied by Evg. Sam Jose from the Kurathikudy mission field, He shared touching stories of the challenges faced on ground zero and lack of the basic facilities for the missionary families but still ensuring that the word of God is shared to the unreached under all circumstances.

    Evg. Solomon, from CSI Chorakulam mission, represented the Cochin Diocese. He shared few of the ground realities and the work done among the ‘Pulaya’ tribe. The challenges and the hindrances are not a show-stopper for this mission field. The focus remains on health awareness camps, primary education and Sunday worship.

    Rev. Prasad Das from the CSI Chhappara mission at Madhya Pradesh shared his missionary journey over years and his passion for the mission activities carried out, in spite of the challenges faced in the region. From zero churched in his field when he started, now churches being planted in 5 villages, there has been significant growth in the families who have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour. The mission activities have steadily progressed, under the grace and protection of God Almighty.

    The Edavaka mission, managed by Evg Abel Isaac, and supported by East Parade Malayalam Church, works in the Satyanagar mission field in Bangalore, was also a part of the mission convention. The East Parade Church supports the economic development along with the emotional and spiritual need of the women in the area thru the tailoring classes and counselling sessions at Satyanagar. Evg Able conducts the Sunday schools, VBS and the worship sessions at the children and members of the society.

    The mission Convention 2020 started with the Saturday morning breakfast devotion, where the challenge was given to “Come and See” the world around us.

    The Saturday evening session was about Passion for Missions. Missionaries represent the congregation in the respective mission fields. The great invitation ‘Come to me all who are weary... (Mathew 11:28).’ is an open invitation to all, without any reservations. We have the assurance of getting refuge from the stormy winds and tempest (Ps 55:8), at the feet of Jesus. We are under the protection and shield by the power of God thru faith (1Peter 1:5)’ all these should assure us of living the open invitation to ‘Come and See’.

    The Sunday session of the convention, spoke about receiving the challenge, being ‘God conscious’ – focussed on giving the right (i.e. only) priority to God in everything, Seeing God’s grace and hands in everything. ‘Self-Conscious’ – about being aware of our weaknesses and limitations, which will make us more dependent on God as our solid rock foundation, and finally – being ‘conscious about the need of others’ – not being self-centred, but opening our hearts to the needs of the community around us (Phil 2:4).

    The mission convention closed with the love feast arranged for all, facilitating time for sharing and knowing the missionaries and their activities, sharing their concerns and strengthening each other in faith thru fellowship.

    We thank the EMY, Junior Choir, Church choir, Sathyanagar Mission choir who helped with the praise & worship sessions. A special note of thanks to all the area prayer groups leaders, pastorate committee and other individuals who were instrumental in the successful conduct of the Convention.

    May the Lord’s name be praised!

    Reported by

    Ministry and Missions Committee

    East Parade Malayalam Church

    MG Road, Bangalore.


    A City Walk: Workshop on Urban Mission Mission & Evangelism

    Thiruvanathapuram: The Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod has involved in a monthly short -term training program for the Missionaries organized by the Kerala United Theological Seminary (KUTS), Kannammoola, Thiruvanathapuram on 23-24 January 2020. As a part of the training program, named as “Inter Cultural Praxis”, the department involved in two days workshop on ‘Urban Mission’. Rev. Maxcin John, CSI Synod Mission Director led the workshop and thirteen missionaries were participated in the workshop.

    Furthermore, as a part of the workshop, there was a city exposure visit termed as “A City Walk” in order to identify the missional challenges in regards to the urban mission. The participants have divided into three groups and visited Palayam, Pettah, kumarapuram, and Medical College areas. Through their visit, they could able to identify the glimpses of the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the urban life. They organized their learning experiences into a chart along with certain pictures and its narrations which was self-explanatory about the candid views of the urban life such as poverty, marginalization, victimization, have and have nots, dominations, substance abuse, exploitations, ecological problems, pollution etc. Even though there are technical as well as infra-structural developments rather than towns and villages, ground realities of urban sitz-im-leben reveals the pathetic condition of the people. A polarization among the people is very much evident. At this juncture, Church has to have empathetic missional engagements with the people for the radical transformation.

    The Department is thankful to the Principal Rev. Dr. David Joy and the Program Coordinator, Rev. Dr. Rajan Moses for their creative leadership in this Inter Cultural Praxis.

    Reported by

    Rev.Maxcin John
    Director, the Department of Mission and Evangelism
    CSI Synod.


    Mission and Evangelism Department of the CSI: Triennial Report 2017- 2020 Part I Mission & Evangelism

    The Departments of the Church of South India Synod adopted a novel way to present the triennial reports during the 36th session of the CSI Synod, which was held at the Bishop Heber College in Trichy from 11th to 14th January 2020. The Departments presented full- length videos of their work during 2017- 2020 along with the full-colour book contains the printed form of the reports.

    The report of the Mission and Evangelism Department in the text form, pdf form and video format are seen here.


    Church of South India (CSI) is a Missionary Church with a lot of evangelistic zeal. Towards the sustainable transformation is the focus and passion for the Church. The Church is tirelessly striving to realize justice, peace and reconciliation in the living context of the people of God. Therefore, the department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod is organizing programs and making missional engagements in Local Congregation, Diocesan, Regional, Synod and Ecumenical levels of the Church in order to equip the missionaries to build Christ communities and to enhance the capacities of congregations to become missional congregations. With immense praise and thanksgiving to God, the triennial report of 2017-2019 of the Department is submitting before the CSI Synod on 11th -14th January 2020 at Bishop Heber Memorial College in Trichy-Tanjore Diocese.

    1. Celebration of the Sermon on the Mount Golgotha in Karadivaripally

    The Department has engaged in a Missional program named as the Celebration of the Sermon on the Mount Golgotha which was conducted at Karadivaripally Village under Bengarupalayam Pastorate in Vellore Diocese on 16th and 17th September 2017. The program was held on the Golgotha Mountain Top and nearly one thousand people have attended the meeting. Celebration of the Sermon on the Mount was a venue for gathering together, listen together and having fellowship together in the very presence of God. The strong faith of the congregation was clearly evident in the celebration which is still communicating and handing over generations to generations!

    2. Gospel Rally and Open-Air Meeting in Kanjar
    The department has engaged in the gospel Rally and Open-Air Meeting conducted by the Holy Immanuel CSI Church Men's Fellowship of East Kerala on 1st October 2017 at Kanjaar Town in Idukki District. The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. J. Samuel (former CSI Moderator and Bishop), Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director), Rev. P. V. Andrews (Vicar), Dr. Abraham Johnson (Men’s Fellowship Secretary) and the Church Committee, as well as Men's Fellowship Members, attended the meeting. It was an occasion for public witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through singing and preaching.

    A Mission Consultation with CSI East Kerala at BCC
    A Mission Consultation was conducted by Synod Mission Department with the Board for Mission and Evangelism of CSI East Kerala Diocese at CSIBCC, Bangalore on 16th November 2017. Bishop The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. G Daniel, Rev. K. James Cecil Victor ( Synod Director for PAD), Rev. V. S. Francis (Mission Director), Rev. James P. Mammen (Mission Board Secretary), Rev. K. S. Daniel (Mission Coordinator), Rev. George Joseph (Mission Coordinator), and Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director) have participated in the special consultation.

    1. A Mission Consultation in Varkkala
    On behalf of CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department, a Mission Consultation with Kollam-Kottarakkara Diocese was conducted at Light to the Blind, Christhu Giri School for Blind, Varkkala on 20th November 2017. Kollam Kottarakkara Diocesan Bishop The Rt. Rev. Dr Oommen George, Rev. Dr Bhanu Samuel (Vice-Chairman), Rev. M. Franklin (Diocesan Mission Director), Rev. Rajesh Charles (Youth Coordinator) and Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director) have participated in the consultation!

    5. Evangelists Training Program in Mugulappally!
    The Mission department of CSI Coimbatore diocese has organized a Training Program for Diocesan Evangelists and their Families at IEM’s Outreach Training Centre, Mugalapalli, Hosur, Tamil Nadu from 19 Oct 2017 to 01st Nov 2017. It was fifteen days of training. The Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder, Bishop in Coimbatore Diocese and Rev. David Suresh, The Mission Board Director has led the Training Program along with other resource persons. Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director has engaged in the training program and led the devotion. The themes related to the Bible, Mission, Family Life, Leadership, Preaching, Worship and Mission Strategies were discussed in the training program.

    6. One Day Retreat for Missionaries in Nandyal
    CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department and CSI Diocese of Nandyal jointly organized one-day Retreat for Missionaries, Evangelists, Bible Women and Missionary Ordains of Nandyal Diocese on 22nd November 2017 at Viswasalayam, CSI Bishop’s Compound, Nandyal. The Retreat was conducted based on the Theme “Enhancing Capacities of the Congregation to Become Missional Congregation”. There were sixty participants including Evangelists, Missionaries, Sisters, Bible Women and Missionary Ordains who have enthusiastically participated in the retreat. It has enormously helped to boost the Kanya- Nandhy Mission Partnership (Mission Partnership between Kanyakumari and Nandyal Diocese) as well.

    7. Mission Consultation in South Kerala Diocese
    On behalf of Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod, a Mission Consultation was organized at Bishop’s House, CSI South Kerala Diocese on 20th January 2018. Rt. Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam (Bishop, South Kerala Diocese) has presided over the meeting. As per the consultation, Nagpur Missionary Conference for the Missionaries from Gujarat, Rajasthan Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh along with Mission Field Exposure Visit were planned to be held on 23rd February to 28th February 2018. This will be the joint program of CSI Synod Mission Department and South Kerala Diocesan Mission Board. Preparations for the Nagpur Missionary Training College also was taken into discussion.

    8. One Day Training Program? in Karimbanthurai
    The Mission and Evangelism Department of CSI Synod has organized one-day Training Program for the Missionaries of DMPB (Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band), Kanyakumari Diocese on 17 January 2018 at CSI DMPB Mission Centre, Karimbanthurai, Salem. The theme for the meeting was “Equipping Mission Workers Towards Building Christ Communities”. Fifty Missionaries have participated in the training program.

    9. One Day Retreat for Missionaries in Kadapa.
    CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department conducted One Day Retreat for the Missionaries in Rayalaseema Diocese at Sunday School Hall, CSI Central Church in Kadapa on 3rd May 2018. The theme of the retreat was “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. Rt. Rev. Dr B.D. Prasada Rao, Bishop in Rayalaseema has inaugurated the Retreat. Mrs Lilly Prasad, Rev. Dr Issac Varaprasad (Diocesan Secretary), and Rev. Benn Hinn have conveyed greetings. Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director) has led the retreat. There was a group discussion regarding the theme as well as an action plan regarding poverty, lack of education, malnutrition, caste discriminations, religious atrocities etc. Twenty-One Missionaries were attended in the Retreat.

    10. Missionary Training in Kazipet.
    The Synod Mission and Evangelism Department organized a one- day training for the Missionaries in Karimnagar Diocese on the theme “Equipping Missionaries Towards Building Christ Communities” at the St. John’s CSI Church, Kazipet in Warangal, Telangana, on the 26th June 2018. The Program was presided over by Rev. G. Srinivasa Naik, Mission Director for the Karimnagar Diocese, and inaugurated by the Rt. Rev. Dr Reuben Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar Diocese. Rev. D. Purushotham, Ministerial Convenor in Karimnagar Diocese, Mr Shyamsukumar, Rev. Supriya, Rev. Shalu T. Mathew, and Rev. John K. Mathew also has led the training programme along with Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director. Forty people, including Missionaries as well as Evangelists, have attended the training program.

    11. Mission Board in Kottayam
    The Mission and Evangelism Department of CSI Synod has engaged with the Mission Board of Madhya Kerala Diocese at CSI Bishop’s House, Kottayam on 3rd July 2018. “Not religious conversion but making and transforming discipleship must be the thrust of the Missional activities”, said the Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, Moderator of Church of South India during his Presidential Address. Rev. Thomas Paikadu (Treasurer), Rev. John Isaac (Clergy Secretary), Dr Simon John (Lay Secretary), Mr Jacob Philip (Registrar), Rev. Das George (Mission Board Secretary), Rev. Jacob George (Mission Director), Rev. Raju Jacob (Mission Co-Ordinator, North Indian Mission), Rev. Mathews P. Oommen (Integral Mission) and Rev. Maxcin John have attended the meeting along with other Mission Board members.

    1. Mangalore Mission Consultation-2018
    ???????A Mission Consultation was organized on 27th July 2018 at Bishop's office, Karnataka Southern Diocese, Church of South India. Healing ministry is an integral part of the Church. A holistic approach must maintain towards the healing ministry of the Church, said Rt. Rev. Mohan Manoraj, Bishop in Southern Karnataka Diocese during the consultation. Moreover, " all medical care professionals are the missionaries and agents of God ", Bishop added. Further, he emphasized that all health service must be inclusive and selfless. Dr Mrs Prem Sarojiny (Bishop Amma), Sister. Sujatha (Vice-President), Mr Palanna (Treasurer), Rev. Sebastian Jathanna (Mission Director), Rev. William Branham and Rev. Maxcin John were the part of the consultation. The consultation was concluded with a decision to organize mission enhancing programs for medical care professionals.

    13.One day Missionary Workshop in Parakal
    The Department has organized a one-day missionary workshopon 20th September 2018 at C.S.I. Mission Compound, Parkal. The Rt.Rev.Dr. Reuben Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar Diocese delivered a key-note address. “Missionary work is not for name or fame, but the service to all”, said Bishop Reuben Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar Diocese said during the Key-Note Address. Bishop highlighted the work and life of a servant girl of Naaman as a model missionary who has actively participated in the threefold ministry of preaching, teaching and healing. “Starting point of building Christ communities must be through listening and identifying the feeble voices amid the dominant sounds”, said Rev. J. Solomon Paul, Youth Director, C.S.I. Synod during his session on “Equipping Missionaries Towards Building Christ Communities: Mission from the Margin”. In a session on “Mission in today’s Context”, Rev. Maxcin John has pointed about the need of inclusivism and tolerance in all missional engagements. One day Missionary workshop was started with a Bible Study led by Rev. John K. Mathew (Katrapally Mission) based on Luke 5: 1-11. Rev. Shalu T. Mathew (Parkal Mission) has organized the workshop. Sixty Missionaries from Parakal, Mogullapally and Katrapally Mission fields have attended in the workshop

    14. Youth Mission Festival in Vembayam
    Mission and Evangelism Department, C.S.I. Synod has engaged in the ‘Youth Mission Fest-2018’ organized by Kollam-Kottarakara Diocese from 20th to 22nd September 2018 at Bible Museum, Vembayam. Mission Fest was inaugurated by the Rt. Rev. Dr Oommen George (Bishop in Kollam-Kottarakkara Diocese) and Er. Cherry George Cheriyan delivered a keynote address. Rev. Dr Bhanu Samuel (Vice-Chairman, K.K. Diocese), Er. Jose P. Oommen, Br. Asok Alex Philip, Rev.Moses David, Evg. Jose Stephen, Evg. Regimon and Rev.Maxcin John have conducted different Missional Orientation sessions. Rev.Dn. G. Kunjumon and Rev. Dn. Biji Abraham have shared their life testimonies. Youth Mission Fest was an avenue for Mission Orientation to the younger generation of the diocese. It was a moulding venue for the future of the church. As Church of South India having forty-three lakhs of members and as each member is considered as a missionary in a broader sense, Youth Mission Fest-2018 loudly echoes that “Youths are also belonging to the ‘Forty-Three Lakhs’ of Missionaries in Church of South India”. More noticeably, it was the occasion for dedication and consecration for missional engagements. Mission Fest was concluded by Rev. P. O. Ninan who has served as Missionary for eighteen years in Mogullapally, Telangana State. One hundred and seventy delegates have attended in the Mission Fest including Children and Youth. Rev. Paul David and Mr Nibu Jacob have served as General Conveners for the Fest and Rev. Thomas George, Rev. Mosses David and Mr Anish also have served as organizers of the Fest.

    15.A Mission Consultation and Mission Board in Malabar Diocese
    Department of Mission and Evangelism in Church of South India has engaged in a Mission Consultation along with Diocesan Mission Board on 25th September 2018 at C.S.I. Diocesan Office, Kozhikode in Malabar Diocese. The Rt. Rev. Dr Royce Manoj Victor, Bishop in Malabar Diocese has presided the meeting. The Board has identified the need of the hour as Enhancing Capacities of Congregation towards Missional Congregation. In this concern, the board meeting has decided to organize a program in terms of Enhancing Capacities of Congregation towards Missional Congregation. As a beginning, the program will be focused on medical professionals as well as educational professionals to enhance their capacities to participate in missional engagements of the Church.

    16. Bellary Junior Mission Fest-2018
    Bellary Rural Children’s Enrichment Program and Junior Mission Fest have conducted on 15th to 19th October 2018 at C.S.I. Girls Home, Bellary. It was the joint program organized by the Department of Mission and Evangelism C.S.I. Synod along with Women’s Fellowship, Karnataka Northern Diocese. Rev.Hanna R. Niranjan, Bishopamma, CSI KND has led the program. Mr Martin Theodre and Hubli Team have conducted the games and singings. Rev.Gona Immanuel (Area Chairman, BAC, Bellary), Rev. Samuel Prasad, Rev. Ravi Joseph have led the devotions and motivated the children to move ahead in tune with Gospel values. Rev. Rohan Gideon (Professor, U.T.C. Bangalore), Mrs Margaret Mary (Bangalore), Mr Immanuel Dayakar (Bangalore) and Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director have conducted classes on “ Children for Social Justice: Gender Sensitive and Inclusive Community”, “Character Formation and Leadership Qualities for Better World”, “ Church and Mission”, “ Importance of the Bible in the Daily Life of a Child”, “ Child Rights and Social Medias and Internet influences”, “ Role of Children for Friendly Family and its Neighborhood”, “ Enhancing Capacity of Children towards Better world: Rural Perspective”, “Green Fellowships and Qualitative Settlements”. There was a procession in which Children raised the following slogans to the public, i.e.; “We want Clean India”, “ We want Peaceful India”, “ We want Green India”, “ Education is Child Right”, “ Educated Child is National Asset”,” No to Child Marriage”, “ No to Child Abuse”, “ No to Child Labor”, “ We need Life Examples”, “ We Need Role Models”, “ We Love Each Other”, and “ We are for Each Other”. Bellary Rural Children’s Enrichment Program and Junior Mission Fest were organized by Mrs Nivedita Martin, the Manager of C.S.I. Girls Home, Bellary along with Bellary parishes, Teachers and volunteers. Six hundred participants were there including Teachers and Volunteers.

    17. A Retreat for the Medical Care Professionals in Mysore.
    A Missional Retreat for Medical Professionals in C.S.I. Mysore Mission Hospital was conducted on 15th October 2018 at the Mary Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore. “All the medical professionals are called out not for business, but for the maximum service”, said The Rt.Rev. Mohan Manoraj, Bishop in Karnataka Southern Diocese during the inaugural ceremony of the retreat. Bishop further added that all medical professionals are Missionaries of God “Medical Professionals should engage with the community in most love and compassion”, highlighted by Rev.Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director during his session on “Enhancing Capacities of Medical Professionals towards Missional engagements”. He reminded that “being a Medical professional is not a matter of privilege, but a matter of accountability and credibility”. Rev. Sr. Sujatha (Diocesan Vice-President) and Mr William Carey (Diocesan Secretary) also have highlighted the need for dedication and commitment in the day to day activities of Medical service. The retreat was organized by Rev. Sebastian Jethna (Mission Director, K.S. D) in collaboration with Dr Suguna Santhy (Hospital Director). Rev. Anupama (Hospital Chaplain) and 60 participants have attended in this retreat. It was conducted by the Department of Mission and Evangelism joined with Karnataka Sothern Diocese.

    18. A Retreat in Hassan for Medical Care Professionals
    “Not for Commercial, but the passion for the service is our driving Spirit” highlighted by Bishop the Rt. Rev. Mohan Manoraj, Bishop in Karnataka Southern Diocese during his inaugural speech in a retreat for Medical Professionals in Hassan Mission Hospital on 16th October 2018 at C.S.I. Redfern Memorial Hospital, Hassan. Medical Professionals are the partakers in Mission of God, emphasized Rev.Maxcin John during his talk on “Enhancing Capacities of Medical Professionals towards Missional Engagements”. He further added that all Medical professionals are transformers and actively serve the community without any divisions and discriminations. Rev.Sr. Sujatha (Diocesan Vice-president), Mr William Carey (Diocesan Secretary), Rev.David(CSI Hassan), and Rev. Sudhakar (Hospital Chaplain) have attended the meeting and pressed the necessity of passion and compassion towards service to all and dedicated and submitted for the meaningful healing Ministry. The Retreat was organized by Rev. Sebastian Jethna, Mission Director for Karnataka Southern Diocese along with Ms Jyothy Nirmala (Hospital administrative-in-Charge). The retreat was conducted by the Department of Mission and Evangelism join with Karnataka Sothern Diocese.

    19.Gospel Sunday Celebrationin Melukavu
    Synod Mission Department has engaged with Gospel Sunday Celebration on 25th November 2018 at C.S.I. Christ Cathedral Melukavu in East Kerala Diocese. Cathedral Prayer Fellowship has organized the program with a strong vision that ‘all congregation must be a missional congregation towards the radical transformation of the society’. “Our Mission is the Mission of God. We are the co-partners in God’s Mission. All are the part and parcel of the Mission. It is aimed at the radical transformation of the living community and the entire creation at large”, said Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director during the preaching on the Gospel Sunday. “We have to remember the ways which we had passed and crossed, and we must be enthusiastic and energetic by the legacy of Mission laid by our forefathers and former Missionaries”, said Rev. Prasad John, Madhya Kerala Diocese, during his preaching in Gospel Sunday Convention. The mission must be the passion for all members, and it should be inclusive and sustainable, he added. Rev. Thomas George, Vicar in Cathedral, Melukavu (East Kerala) presided over the meeting. Following Prayer Fellowship officers, Rev. M. T. George (Vice President and Asst. Vicar in Cathedral, Melukavu), Mr V. G. George (Asst. Patron), Mr. P. I. Thomas (Secretary), Mr. K. S. George (Treasurer), Mr. P. A. George (Convener), Mr. P. J. Johnson, Mr. Isaac Joshua, Mrs. Mariyamma Samuel, and Mrs. Valasamma Raj (Mission Coordinators), Mr. T. J. Johnson, Mr. Stanly Issac, Mrs. Aliyamma Issac, Mrs. Mary Wilson (Committee Members) and the Cathedral Church Committee have organized the Gospel Sunday Celebration. Five hundred people have attended the Gospel Sunday Celebration.

    20. Kreesthalayam Church Dedication in Kadiri.
    The Department has participated in the Kreesthalayam Church Dedication in Sreeramula Vari Pally Mission Field of Kadiri Mission, Rayalaseema Diocese on 27th November 2018. It was the first milestone ever laid in the history of Mission Partnership in Kadiri Mission. The dedication of the newly constructed Church was marked by a mission partnership between South Kerala Diocese and Rayalaseema Diocese. Synod Mission Department witnessed the Mission Partnership blooms in Kadiri Mission. Rt. Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam, Bishop in CSI South Kerala Diocese and Rt. Rev. Dr. B. D. Prasada Rao, Bishop in Rayalaseema Diocese, conducted the dedication service. Rev. C. P. Justin Jose (Mission Director, SKD), Rev. David Naik (Mission Director, Rayalaseema Diocese), Mrs. Lilly Prasad, Mr. Donald Lal, Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, and the Mission Board Members of the South Kerala Diocese, Missionaries from Kadiri Mission and Guramkonda Mission have attended in the Dedication Service. Mr. C. D. George and Mrs. Gracy have extended their financial support for the construction of the Church in loving memory of their parents. Rev. Jiji Stewart, Missionary in Charge, has supervised the construction project.

    21. Missionaries Retreat in Nazareth
    The Department along with Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese has organized missionary retreat on 28th to 30th November 2018at Art Industrial School, Nazareth.The Rt. Rev. Dr. S. E. C. Devasahayam has led the Retreat.“Today’s Missionaries have to be energized by the passion of former missionaries, especially Canon Arthur Margoschis who has sacrificed his life for the radical transformation of the society”,said Bishop Devasahayam during his speeches in Missionary Retreat.“We are blessed in many ways in order to be a blessing to others”,said Rev. A. Aruldas, Madhurai-Ramnadu Diocese, during his sessions in the retreat.“Missionaries are the salt and light to the whole world”,highlighted Rev. Maxcin John during his sessions in the retreat. Global Missionary Society (GMS) in Thoothukudy- Nazareth Diocese and Synod Mission Department have jointly organized the retreat. Rev. Dr. S. J. Jesuspadam (General Secretary, GSM), and Rev. D. G. A Thomas (GSM Coordinator) have led the retreat in a meaningful way. Mrs. Shanthini Devasahayam, Diocesan Officers such as Rev. J.S. Devaraj Njanasing (Vice-Chairman), Rev. P. Mosses Japaraj (Clergy Secretary), Mr.Pon Durairaj( Treasurer), Mr. Stephen( Principal, Art Industrial School), Rev. S. Edwin Jebaraj (Council Chairman), Rev. John Samuel (Youth Director), Rev. Michael Raj( Social Welfare Director), Pastors, Catechists and Missionaries and their families have attended the retreat. One hundred and fifty participants were attended including women and children. Along with Retreat, there were ‘Pothukoottam’ (Public Meeting) in different churches in Nazareth Areas such as St. Michael and All Angels Church, Muthallur, Transfiguration Church, Pillai Manai, and St. Paul’s Church, Veignanampuram. It was the platform for preaching and missional talent shows which boosted the fellowship and missional enthusiasm. A Holy Communion Service also conducted in Nazareth Cathedral.

    22.Educational Professionals Meet in Kozhikode.
    The Department along with the department of Mission and Evangelism in Malabar Diocese has organized an educational professional meet on 18th November 2018 at St. Mary’s CSI Church, Kozhikode. ‘Education is an integral part of Mission; therefore, all educational professionals are the Missionaries’ was the focal message of the program based on “Enhancing Capacities of Educational Professionals towards Missional engagements”. Mr. Sheril Jose, Motivational Speaker, CSI Tholassery in Madhya Kerala Diocese has delivered a keynote address to the meeting. He has stated that as an Educational Professional, “we are called out to empower and transform others”. Rev. T. I. James, Corporate School Manger, has coordinated the meeting along with Board of Mission and Evangelism, Malabar Diocese and the director Rev. Shobhan Kumar Daniel. There were around 400 educational professionals have attended the meeting.

    23. Missionaries Christmas get-together in Thottithurai.
    Synod Mission Department has engaged in Christmas Mission get- together organized by Diocesan Mission Prayer Band (D.M.P.B) in Kanyakumari Diocese at Thottithurai in Salem Dist. on 7th December 2018. “Christmas is the missional accompaniment and embracement with the grassroots for the radical transformation”, said Rev. Maxcin John during his Christmas Message. Rev. Justin Devadas, D.M.P. B General Secretary has led the celebration along with Mr. P. Soorya Raj (Treasurer), Rev. Ravi Raj, Rev. S. Godwin Balis, Rev. Donald, Rev. Mayan, Mr. Kingsley, Rev. Justin Raj, Rev. Edwin, Mr. Issac Anandakumar, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Sundradhen, Mr. David Chithiyam, Mrs. Njana Geethu, Mr. Braisil Raj, Rev. Dr. Alias, D.M.P.B Committee Members, Office Staffs, Promotional Work Staffs, Missionaries, Teachers, Medical Missionaries and hostel Missionaries have attended the meeting. One hundred and fifty missionaries have attended.

    24. Three-day Missionary Retreatin Salem
    Kanyakumari Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band and Synod Mission Department have jointly organized a three-day Missionary Retreat on 21st to 23rd January 2019 at AGL, Camp Centre, Vianayakapatty Salem. Rev. J. Justin Devadas (General Secretary, DMPB), Mr. Sooryraj (Treasurer), Rev. Ravi Rajan (SM) and all other office-bearers actively organized the retreat in an excellent meaningful way. Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan (General Secretary, National Missionary Society of India), Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director), Mr. Reginald (President, Friends Missionary Prayer Band), Dr. R. Jayakumar, and Mr. D. Wesley Navaraj led the sessions based on 'Transformational Mission'. Dr. D. Thambi Vijayakumar (Diocesan Vice President), Er. S. Byju Nizeth Paul (Diocesan Secretary), Mr. N. P. Thankraj (Diocesan Treasurer), and Rev. M. Muthuswamy (Education Department Secretary) have conveyed felicitations to the retreat. Worships, Prayers, Bible Classes, Meditations and Fellowship meetings were part of the retreat. These activities helped all the participants to relook, revaluate, re-examine and reorganize their own actions and attitude. It was the venue for mutual sharing, empowering and fellowship. A- one hundred and fifty Missionaries attended including their families and children.

    25.DMPB’s Resource PoolingEventin Edmor
    Department of Mission and Evangelism CSI Synod took part in a mission event of resource pooling on 26th January 2019 at St. Andrews Church, Egmore. It was organized by CSI Kanyakumari Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band, Chennai Branch. Many mission-oriented families including children and women actively participated in the event. It was a remarkable experience of gathering various resources and sharing for others, especially most vulnerable in the living society. Rev. J. Justin Devadas (General Secretary, DMPB), Rev. Ravi Rajan (Superintend of Mission), Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director) and all members and officials of DMPB Chennai Branch actively participated in the event.

    26.A Missional Gathering in Kolli Hills
    The People from eighty villages of Kolli Hills have gathered together on 27th January 2019 at Paul Brant Memorial Church, Thindu in Kolli Hills to celebrate the joy of fellowship, community life, caring and sharing each other. The event was organized by Kanyakumari Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band where Synod Mission Department has extended meaningful participation. This event was marked by Worship services, baptism, confirmation service, new missionary dedication, Holy Communion service and fellowship meals. Fourteen members were confirmed and accepted as the full members of the church, and Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Robinson were dedicated as new Missionaries for Church of South India through DMPB in Kanyakumari Diocese. Rev. J. Justin Devadas (DMPB General Secretary), Rev. Godwin Balis (Assistant Superintend for Missionaries), Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director), Rev. Dr. D. Elias and all the Missionaries in Kolli Hills Divisions and around one hundred and fifty people from villages have participated in the mission event.

    27.Othara Mission Conference- “ORUKKAM-2019”.
    The Department of Mission and Evangelism, Synod and the Board of Mission and Evangelism, Madhya Kerala Diocese have jointly organized a three-day Mission conference- “ORUKKAM” on 3rd -5th March 2019 at Eco-Spirituality Centre, Othara in Madhya Kerala Diocese. The theme for the conference was “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The conference was inaugurated by Rev. Maxcin John (Director, Synod Mission and Evangelism) and he has pointed out that the Church of South India is a missionary church with commendable evangelistic zeal. The Church always considering that each member of the church are the missionaries of God. So, it is the need of the hour to enhance the capacities of the Congregation to become missional, he added. The Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, CSI Moderator has engaged with the conference and bless the conference with prayer and greetings. Rev. Dr. Sabu K. Cherian (Chairman, Thiruvalla Church District) conveyed greetings.

    In the conference, there was a panel presentation based on “Enhancing Capacities of Medical and Educational Professionals Towards Transformative Mission”. Dr. Josemon (Medical College, Kottayam), Dr. Jessy Sara Koshy (Former Andhra Missionary), Dr. Ashok Philip (Peet Memorial College, Mavelikkara), Mrs. Sanila T. Sunny (Mysore Missionary) and Mr. Moncy Peter have served as panellists. All panellists emphasized the need of enhancing capacities of the congregation since all members are an integral part of the mission. Moreover, they underlined the importance of healing and education in the missional engagements. A Mission story night was organized on the first day of the conference. Rev. Dr. Sabu K. Cherian, Mr. Philip Varghese, and Mr. Shenoy V. Issac have shared their missional experiences. Rev. Dr. Y.T. Vinayaraj (Professor, Marthoma Seminary, Kottayam) has conducted a Bible Study and a session based on “Mission and Spirituality: Sociological Dimensions”. He told that the “mission is an invitation into the abundant life”. The mission is not about profit or achievements, but the vision of the mission of Jesus Christ and the constant accompaniment with the people, especially, grassroots for the sustainable transformation. The mission is an act of welcoming others into the Christ experience to enjoy justice, peace and reconciliation. There are various modes of missional engagements like “Mission to the Margin”, and “Mission from the Margin”, but we also need to investigate the “Mission in Mutuality” where everybody participating and involving together, he added.

    “Genuine spirituality is the constant relationship and communication towards Godhead and Manhood”, said Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, Director of Communication and Adivasi – Dalit Departments, CSI Synod, during his session based on “Spirituality in Communication”. We need to practice our genuine spirituality through our intra-personal, inter-personal, group and mass communications. In this concern, we need to use the new language of inclusion which will embrace all, he added. “A Missionary must be dedicated and committed person for the sake of mission”, said Mr. V. C. Jameson, Asia-Coordinator for Campus Crusade for Christ, during his session based on “Qualities of Missionaries and Inducing Missionary Spirit in youngsters and the formation of young missionaries”. Adv. Sheeba Tharakan led a session based on “Human Rights: Legal Implications”. She has explained the relationship between the Bible and the Law of the Land. She further added that we are obligated to obey the law of the land which is for all and we should be the exponents of justice and peace. An Open forum was organized in which Diocesan Officers of Madhya Kerala Diocese have attended and have answered to the queries of delegates. Rev. Thomas Paikadu (Treasurer), Rev. John Issac (Clergy Secretary), Dr. Jacob Philip (Registrar) and Rev. Viju Varkey (Pastoral Board Secretary) have interacted with the delegates.

    The Mission Conference was organized by the board for Mission and Evangelism, Madhya Kerala Diocese under the leadership of Rev. Jacob George (Mission Director, MKD), Rev. Das George (Mission Board Secretary, MKD), Rev. Raju Jacob (Mission Coordinator, North India), Rev. Prasad John (Mission in Charge, MKD), Rev. Mathews P. Oommen (Integral Mission), Rev. Rejeev Sugu, Rev. Anuroop, Mr. Lalu, Mr. Roy, and Mr. Tharian (Mission Board, MKD), Mr. Philip Varghese (Othara Spirituality Centre) and all other missionaries have contributed much for the mission conference.

    28.Missionary Conference-2019 in Chennai.
    A Missionary Conference based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation” was jointly organized by the Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod, and the Department of Mission and Evangelism, Madras Diocese, on the 29th and 30th March 2019 at LITE, Auditorium, Chennai. “Today’s mission must be for the radical and sustainable transformation through compassion”, said the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen, Bishop in Madras Diocese during his address in Missionary Conference-2019. Bishop further added that all missionaries have to have a face of compassion and love. All churches must be the centres of service. We need to focus on the social transformation where all people could live together without any fear or frictions, Bishop added.

    The Missionary Conference-2019 began with opening worship and Bible Study led by Rev. Dr. Manuel S. Titus (Madras Diocesan Secretary) in which he emphasized the mission engagements towards the grassroots. “Mission must be inclusive, and we are doing a mission to embrace everybody, not to exclude or divide anybody”, said Rev. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary for the National Missionary Society of India (NMSI) during his session based on “Missional Engagements in the pluri-faith context of India”. He pointed out that India is blessed with a rich diversity of culture and religion. There should be religious harmony and reciprocal relationship. “Like Moses, Joshua and Samson, all missionaries should commit and submit for the will of God to engage in the mission of God”, said Rev. Dr. John Samuel Ponnusamy, Principal, Gurukul Theological College and Seminary, Chennai, during his session based on “Bible and Mission: Contextual Reading”. The mission must be addressing today’s context and tirelessly serving to bring total transformation which could be enjoyable to all, he added. “All Missionaries must be exponents of God’s love and all should ready to bear cross through the life and action”, emphasized Rev. Paul Dayanandan, Mission Director, Madras Diocese, during the Bible Study on the second day of the conference based on Mark 10: 1-34.

    “Guide people in the proper way and take people to the right place in the right time” are the responsibilities of all missionaries, said Ms. Nancy Walter, Junior Lecturer, CMC Vellore, during her session on” Towards Community Health Perspective”. As missionaries, we need to have basic awareness about community health and also, we should be trained in terms of first aids and pre-hospital care. It will help us to guide people and help people in that direction, she added. “God is the truth, God is always with truth, and we should be an exponent of truth and truth will set us free”, said Rev.Fr. Jagth Kasper, a social activist and motivational speaker based in Chennai during his session “Basic Human Rights and Religious Freedom”. He further added that right to speak, right to express the belief, and right to propagate are the basic religious freedom provided by the constitution of India. We need to identify the divine intervention in politics, and we should know we have constitutional rights and privileges. Poverty is a crime and we should have simplicity in humanity. It is the need of the hour to defend truth and constitutional provisions for everybody, he added. The mission statement of Church of South India and Missional priorities were shared to the delegates by Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, during his session on “Mission-Today”. We should use the language of inclusivism and we should love everybody, he added. The mission must be the expression and experiment of love as exemplified in Jesus. It is our bounden duty to declare solidarity with the most vulnerable for their transformation constantly and sustainably, he added. One hundred and fifty-five delegates have participated in the Missionary Conference-2019 including resource persons and other well-wishers. It was the joint effort between Synod Mission Department as well as Madras Diocesan Mission Department.

    29. Ramachandrapuram Mission Conference-2019
    The Church of South India Mission and Evangelism Department and the Krishna-Godavari Diocese have jointly organized a two- day Missionary and Evangelist Retreat on 24th to 25th April 2019 at Ramachandrapuram Lanka Avenue. The retreat was based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The Rt. Rev. George Cornelious, Bishop in Krishna-Godavari Diocese has inaugurated the retreat. During the inaugural speech, Bishop urged the delegates to go and preach the good news in 365 days for the transformation. Rev. Mrs. D. Joshuakumary, Bishop Thalligaru has conveyed the greetings. She reminded that all have to keep the prayer life like Daniel in the Bible which will help us to face all struggles in our day to day life. Rev. Maxcin John explained the purpose of the meeting. He further added that all people of the congregations are valuable and unique and therefore, it is the need of the hour to enhance the various capacities of the congregations so that they may able to join the mission through their everyday life.

    “Jesus Christ was the real advocate for the Human Rights,” said Dr. T. Ravikumar, Director for Association of Relief Volunteers in Andra Pradesh, who has led a session on “Basic Human Rights and Religious Freedom”. He stated that all kind of suppressions and oppressions are human right violations. Indian constitution is safeguarding the freedom to all the citizen. Therefore, all kind of violations and negations towards individual freedom including the right to speech, right to act, right for expression and right for the propagation of own beliefs and religious freedom, he added. “We should live out by the resurrection power”, stated by Rev. Dr. I. Rathna Raju, Treasurer, Krishna-Godavari Diocese during the time of devotion in the retreat. The resurrection power will enhance our various capacities towards missional engagements so that we may able to be an instrument of God’s mission throughout our life, he added.

    “Only God can see and identify wisdom and power in an uneducated as well as weak according to the world parameters”, said Rev. James Cecil Victor, Director for Pastoral Aid Department, CSI Synod, during his session based on “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation and Inclusive Communication in Pluri-faith Context”. He further stated that everyone has their own limitations, but each one is unique before God. God sets the leadership model in order to follow by us. It is incarnational model, moreover, it is the mission towards last, least and lost, he added. The retreat was concluded by Rev. Maxcin John and he urges the delegates to move on and participate more ardently and enthusiastically in the mission of God which embrace everybody. Rev.B. Jeeva Manohar, Mission in-charge and Bishop’s Chaplain coordinated the program along with Mrs. Lorry Lanka Ravi. Eighty-Two missionaries and evangelists have participated in the retreat.

    30. ‘Gramiya Thiruvizha’: Senur Village Mission Fest-2019
    Gramiya Thiruvizha was an event jointly organized by CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department and CSI Vellore Diocese Mission Board along with Youth Work and Ecological Concerns Departments of Vellore Diocese on 11th May 2019, at Senur Village in Vellore District. In this event, people were gathered from the adjacent villages and the event become the venue for health and legal awareness among village people, to preserve Rural Art and Culture and to promote religious harmony. Gramiya Thiruvizha led by Rev. H. Sharma Nithyanandam, the Chairperson of the Board for Mission and Evangelism, Vellore Diocese. He shared the need for organizing Gramiya Thiruvizha i.e. Rural Festive Celebration. There was a procession started with’Parai Isai Muzhakam’performed by St. Thomas Church Cultural team, Karivedu, around 200 people have joined in the procession by holding placards with slogans written on it such as“Give Blood Save Life, Women are the light of the house, Education is must, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Save Earth, Prevention is better than Cure, Educate Girl Child,”Some held wooden crosses, and went in procession till Christhuvin Thotam. In Christhuvin Thotam, saplings were planted by the Rt. Rev. J. J. Christudoss, Bishop in Tirunelveli, Rev. Maxcin John, Director, CSI Mission Department and Rev. Christopher Vijayan, NMSI General Secretary.

    During the public meeting, Rev. Christopher Vijayan, NMSI General Secretary addressed the gathering and shared about the need of Mission work. After which, Rev. Maxcin John, Director, CSI Synod Mission Department, addressed the gathering and said that God is God of Love, Compassion and Mercy. Hindus and Muslims are our brothers. Everyone must stand for religious harmony and any kind of religious fundamentalism must not be supported. There was a Patimandram(Debate)on the interesting topic:Who excel in spiritual and family life – Women or Men?This debate was moderated by Kanchi Kiruba and participants were: Jeyamalar, (Teacher – BRC Head); Hepsi, (HOD Biochemistry, DJM College), and Kayalvizhi, (Professor, BCA Depart. Voorhees). After Debate, Magic show was performed under the leadership of Rev. Jeeva Rathnam, ALC. On the whole, around500 people have been part of this event.All local arrangements were made by the Board of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Vellore Diocese under the leadership of Rev. Dr. H. Sharma Nithyanandam (Chairman) and Rev. DSC Menon (Mission Director) along with other board members and the missionaries.

    31.The School of Mission and Evangelism -2019 in Kannammoola
    The Church of South India Mission and Evangelism Department was involved in a three-day training program for youngsters in the church to inspire them more missional. The program, ‘School of Mission and Evangelism-2019’ was organized by the Board of Mission and Evangelism, South Kerala Diocese on 9th to 11th May 2019 at Sunday School Mandiram, Kannammoola. The theme for the meeting was “Evangelization: Focus and Commission”. A three -day training program was inaugurated by the Rt. Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam, Bishop in South Kerala Diocese. Bishop highlighted the need to encourage and inspire the youngsters to become creative channels of kingdom values such as peace, justice, and reconciliation. Rev. Dr. Prinstone Ben conducted a Mission Motivation Class, Rev.Dr. B.H.Wils Raj led a session based on “ Character formation and leadership quality”, Dr. Kavitha Kavitha Sreenivasan led a session based on ‘the History of Mission’, Rev.Ramesh Kumar spoke about ‘ Focusing on Mission’, Rev. Kalvin Kisto conducted a session based on “ mission’, and Dr. Willima John taken a session on “ Evangelization”. Synod Mission Director educated the delegates based on “Mission and Calling: Transforming engagements”. Mr. J.S. Sathydas (Manager, BFM) and Rev. Sathydhas Prasad (Peringamala) also have led different sessions regarding the mission. The prayers and devotions were led in various sessions by Mr. Devaraj (A. O. BFM), Rev.Dr. Samjis (District Chairman, Kannammoola), Rev.M.R. Solomon (Chief Promotor, BFM), and Rev. Dr. John Winslow (K.U.T Seminary, Kannammoola). Rev. C.P. Justin Jose (Director, BFM), Rev. P. Chandran (Ass. Director, BFM), Mr. Donald Lal (Secretary, BFM) have organized the training program along with other members. The program was enriched by the time for prayer and devotions, Mission skits and mission cultural activities. Forty delegates have attended the training program

    32.Pulikuthi Mission Summer Camp-2019
    Church of South India, Department of Mission and Evangelism has involved in the Mission Summer Camp-2019 organized by Board for Mission and Evangelism, Vellore Diocese on May 14th – 18th at CBSE School, Thirupattur. Mission Summer Camp was organized under the missional leadership of Rev. Dr. H. Sharma Nithyanandam (Chairman, Board of Mission and Evangelism, Vellore Diocese), Rev. DSC Menon (Mission Director, Vellore Diocese) and Mr. Gnana Sigamani (Mission Coordinator). The Missionaries of Vellore Diocese have attended in it. They were divided into five teams: Devotion team (This team is responsible to organize and lead Everyday devotion in the morning), Registration team(This team is responsible for registering the names, addresses of all the members who participate in this 5 days camp) Organizing team(This team is responsible to organize all the programs in this camp, to distribute the tracts, gospels to each group etc), Food team(This team is responsible for food to all the members who attend the camp), and Hospitality team(This group is responsible to receive guests from different places).

    As an introductory remark, Rev. Dr. H. Sharma Nithayanadam told that ‘Mission work is must, needful and its must be done with wider aspect’. Rev. Barnabas, (Central Area Chairman), and Rev. Bhaktha Thyagaraja, (Local Presbyter), Rev. C. Manimaran, (The Chairperson of Eco Concerns & Central Area Vice President), Dr. Kabilan (Rtd. Medical Officer), Mr. Amen Raj (Secretary, CSI Velam Church), Mr. Israel, Treasurer, (CSI Velam Church), Mr. Gnana Sigamani, (Coordinator), Mr. Suresh( Independent Church Pastor) , Mr. Kumar, Mr. Jothi (CPM Pastor), Rev. Paul Robert Kennedy, (Director, Eco Concerns Department), Rev. T. Augustine( Former, Synod Mission Director) and Rev. Maxcin John ( Synod Mission Director) have participated in the Mission Camp in different times and conveyed greetings. The Missionaries have visited various villages such as Thimmavaram, Ravanthampatti and Vinayakapuram, Karapatti, Gangapirampatti, Uthangarai and Papanur, Thimmavaram, Ravanthampatti and Vinayakapuram and delivered street preaching, distributed tracts of Gospels, and prayed for the sick and the needy. A short film was played in connection to " Alcohol Addiction " and how Jesus loves everybody.

    33. Bangalore Mission Camp -2019
    The Department of Mission and Evangelism along with the Board of Mission and Evangelism, Karnataka Central Diocese has organized one-day Mission Camp on the basis of “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregations” on 25th June 2019 at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Bangalore. The Camp was opened with a Bible Study and the message by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasannakumar Samuel, Bishop in Karnataka Central Diocese. “It is the need of the hour to identify the various capacities of our congregations and enhance all those capacities to become missional day by day”, said Bishop P.K. Samuel during the opening Bible Study and Message. He further added that we need to translate everything into practicality. “Is our church really a mission- motivated or mission-minded Church? What are the missional engagements we are doing today? What kind of mission fields we are promoting?”, “Are we really an inclusive?”, asked Bishop. People are watching our life more than our preaching. So, the time has come for action. Try to reconnect past, present and future. Learn and listen mutually so that we may able to network with each other and journey together for the glory of God and for the betterment of all people, Bishop added.

    Rev. Rohan Gideon (U.T.C, Bangalore) has led a session based on” Enhancing Biblical and Theological Capacities of Congregations”. “We need to review the missional capacities of our congregations”, said Rev. Rohan Gideon. He further added that We have to go and visit the fields to listen from the people. Don’t be in arrogant by saying that we are representing God. We should consider others are greater than us. It must be a missional attitude (Phil. 2: 1-16). We need to discern the signs of the times. Moreover, we should introspect the models and ways for the missional engagements. The mission must be a friendship with others. It should be an accompaniment with others. Through the mission, we need to declare our deep solidarity to the broken communities. After all, the mission must be a movement, he added. Dr. Gladstone Jethna (Gurukul Theological Seminary, Chennai) also led a session based on “Various possibilities and opportunities of Congregation to participate in the Mission”. He emphasized that the Mission as an act of construction, confrontation and celebration. It is the construction of togetherness, confrontation to the various life-negating issues of living context for the transformation and celebration of life by all through the life-affirming activities. We need to have a newer understanding of the mission that must embrace and include everybody. It must be an eco-oriented, with margins and viable to accept ‘many-ness’ in God. Building Christ community is not building any religious community. Rather, it will be a community of love and unity where all could have space and room to enjoy the celebration of life, he added. “We must be prophetical in our day to day missional engagements”, said Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar, Vicar in St. Mark’s Cathedral, Bangalore during the final remarks in the valedictory ceremony. He further added that we must be responsible to the community and try our best level to transform our community according to the values of the gospel of Christ where we could able to realize radical transformation the society.

    The Mission Camp was organized by Rev. Noah Vasanth, Mission Director in Karnataka Central Diocese. Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director explained the purpose of the camp. Rev. Sudhakar Joshua translated the summary of all sessions into Tamil Language for the delegates. There were seventy-five delegates attended in the camp including Rev.Timothy B. P, Rev.Christy Rajkumar, Rev.Elish, Rev. George Jayaprabhu, and other pastors, church workers, evangelists and missionaries.

    34. Etturnagaram Mission Camp-2019
    The Synod Mission and Evangelism Department along with the Board for Mission and Evangelism in South Kerala Diocese have organized the one-day Mission Camp on 28th June 2019 at CSI Mission Compound, Eturnagaram in Telangana. The camp was based on the theme” Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. It was a historical moment to come together for a radical transformation in which Telangana Mission of South Kerala Diocese and Madhya Kerala Diocese and the Karimnagar Diocesan Missionaries have attended together in the camp. “Mission must be journeying together to everyone to everywhere”, said The Rt. Rev. Dr. Reuben Mark, Bishop in Karimnagar Diocese during the inaugural address. He further added that journey to the new places will give us new vision towards the mission. St. Paul and Timothy were the apt examples for such kind of journeys, Bishop added. The Camp was begun with a Bible study led by Rev. Shalu T. Mathew, (Parakkal Mission), based Acts 2: 1-11. “We need to declare solidarity to the poor for their radical upliftment,” said Mr. Donald Lal, Secretary, Board for Mission and Evangelism, SKD during the felicitation. He added that as much as we are alienated from our fellow beings, that much, we will be alienated from God. Parish (“Edavaka”) is an avenue to provide space(“Idam”) for homeless and space -less, he added.

    There was a session for the sharing of Mission stories about Telangana Mission running by South Kerala Diocese as well as Madhya Kerala Diocese. Rev. Shalu T. Mathew, Rev. Justin Jose, and Mrs. Suma Thomas have narrated the stories of respective Missions. Thereafter, group discussion and plenary session were conducted on the basis of “identifying various capacities of congregations and suggest an action plan for missional engagements for next six months”. Everybody actively participated in group activities. Rev. Prescilla Reuben, Rev. John K. Mathew (Katrapally Mission), Rev.Rijin Mathew (Mugalapally Mission), and Rev. E.V. Paul (Ministerial Secretary in Karimnagar Diocese) have conveyed their greetings to the camp. Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director spoke about the purpose of the camp. Rev. Justin Jose (Mission Director, South Kerala Diocese) and Rev.Biju Japasing made necessary arrangements for the conference. The Mission Camp was concluded with a valedictory message given by Rt. Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam, Bishop in South Kerala Diocese. Bishop appreciated each mission for their active involvements in the mission of God and encouraged everybody to move ahead more and more for the glory of God and for the betterment of all the people.

    35.Nandyal Mission Camp-2019
    The Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod and Nandyal Diocesan Mission Board have jointly organized one-day mission camp on 9th July 2019 at Viswasalayam, Bishop’s Chapel, Nandyal Diocese. It was based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregations to become Missional Congregations “. The camp was begun with the Holy Communion Service in Bishops Chapel. Rev. Samuel Rathna Raj, Treasurer of Diocese has preached the word of God. Rev. Dr. Z. Yesurathnam vice president of the Diocese and other Office-bearers led the devotion and order of Worship. “We should move in compassion with love”, said the Rt. Rev. Dr E. Pushpalaitha, Bishop in Nandyal Diocese during the inaugural speech. She further added that we should "Listen, Trust and Obey the Word of God". Rev. Maxcin John explained about the purpose of the Mission Camp. He encouraged the delegates to “Identify the hidden talents, develop them and utilize in mission and ministry according to the will of God and for the Glory of God”. Dr Mounica Gandhi (MD) led the first session and gave tips about "Basic community health awareness and pre-Hospital Care". She explained the causes, symptoms, and prevention of hypertension, diabetes, dengue, malaria and other viral infections. Rev. P. Johnson explained the importance of knowing the medical and health information in the mission field. Adv. Sreedhar, A Senior Adv. Ap. H.C. led the second session and gave information about "Basic Human Rights and Religious Freedom in India". He gave a tribute to Dr B.R. Ambedkar for his enormous work to empower women, Dalits and marginalized communities in India. He extended his message by explaining the work of the human rights commission in India. He explained about the rights of prisoners, Rights for Women, children etc. He also pointed out some contextual law and order issues regarding divorce cases, minor love marriages, rape issues, property disputes and many more. He also explained the human rights concerning the "religious freedom in India".

    The Mission Camp was organized by the Board of Mission and Evangelism, Nadyal Diocese under the leadership of Rev. A.P. Johnson (Mission Director). Rev. Dr. Z. Yesurathnam (Vice President), Rev. D. Samuel Rathnaraju (Hon. Treasurer), Rev.B.J. Chandra Sekhar and other Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, and the members of Congregations have attended the Camp. There were one hundred and forty delegates for the camp.

    36.Wayanadu Mission Conference-2019 in Sulthan Bathery
    Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod along with the Board for Mission and Evangelism in Malabar Diocese organized a one -day Mission Camp on 11th July 2019 at St. Thomas CSI Church Sulthan Bathery. The Rt. Rev. Dr Royce Manoj Kumar Victor, Bishop in Malabar Diocese has inaugurated the camp which was based on the theme” Enhancing Capacities of Congregations to Become Missional Congregations”. “It is the need of the hour to transform each congregation to become missional congregations”, said Bishop Royce Manoj Kumar Victor during the inaugural speech. He further stated that the light which we have received must share and radiate to others so that they may able to receive and radiate the same to others. “Ask, Listen and Obey God”, said Mr Benjamin Christostem (USA) during the keynote address to the camp based on” Inclusive and Transformational Missional Engagements”. Everybody should be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and ardently participated in the mission of God through day by day life. There were a group discussion and activity regarding the “Missional Engagements and Action Plans in the Context of Malabar Diocese, especially Wayanad Area. The delegates proposed some of the specific actions plans such as the promotion of Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Fellowship Meetings, House Visits, sharing of educational and medical aids, de-addiction programs, agricultural movements, prevention engagements towards suicide attempts etc.

    Rev. Johnson C. J. (District President) and Mr Philip Abraham have conveyed their greetings to the camp. Rev. V. L. Michael, Rev. P. V. Cherian, Rev. Sherry George, Rev. Ebin K. P., Rev. Shabu Thomas, Rev. Robin Lorence, Rev. Anil Jaison David, Mr. Billy Graham, Mr. Nevin, Mr. Stanley (Nilambur), and Mr. Chrisostam have attended the camp along with other missionaries, evangelists, church workers and the members of various congregations. There were three hundred delegates who have attended the camp enthusiastically. Rev. Shobhan Kumar Daniel (Mission Director in Malabar Diocese) organized the camp along with Rev. V. L. Michael (Vicar in Sulthan Bathery) and Mr Billy Graham. Rev. Maxcin John shared an opening remark regarding the purpose of the camp.

    37.Trichy-Tanjore Diocesan Mission Fest-2019
    Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod participated in the Trichy-Tanjore Mission Fest-2019 on 13th July 2019 at St. Peter’s CSI Church, Tanjore. It was the Celebration of Mission legacies left by the foreign as well as native missionaries with a strong passion for the Mission. This celebration was the right venue for envisioning and awakening the congregations to become more missional. “All congregation must be the missional congregations “, said Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Chandrasekaran, Bishop in Trichy-Tanjore Diocese during the opening address in the Mission Fest. Bishop furthermore added that each and every member of the church are the missionaries. “Mission is the salvific action”, said Bro. Daniel Gnanamutthu, Lamp Institute, during the main speech in the mission fest. He further added that since God’s salvation is for all, our mission engagements must be for everybody. “The Church of South India stands for the radical transformation of the whole world”, the participants were reminded by Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director. There was Missionary dedication service, Holy Communion Service, Cultural performances by the participants from various mission fields. Bro. Daniel Gnanamutthu and Rev. Dr Aruldoss Gnanamutthu have attended in the fest as chief guest speakers. Rt. Rev. D. Chandrasekaran, Bishop in Trichy -Tanjore Diocese, Mrs. Rosalind Chandrasekhar, Rev. Sudharsan (Clergy Secretary), Mr D. Ravikumar (Lay Secretary), Mr. S. Rajendran (Treasurer), Rev. Manavalan (Convener, Mission Festioval-2019), Rev. Arul Singh ( Mission Director), Mr. Soma Sundaram( Education Board Secretary), and all the DCC chairmen have led the mission festival. The Pastors, Church Workers, Missionaries, Evangelists, and other congregational members have attended the fest. There were three thousand participants from various parts of the diocese to attend the Mission Fest-2019.

    38..Mettupalayam Mission Camp-2019
    The Department Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod along with Board of Mission and Evangelism, Coimbatore Diocese has organized one-day mission camp on 15th July 2019 at Mettupalayam CSI Church. The camp was based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder, Bishop in Coimbatore Diocese has inaugurated the camp.“Our missional engagements should lead to the realization of the kingdom of God”, said Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder during the inaugural speech. Bishop further added that the church is called out to be an exponent of the kingdom of God. Therefore, we should serve the world as ‘light and salt’, he added. “Lifestyle Modification is Essential for the Healthy Life”, said Ms. Nancy Walter, CMC Vellore during the session based on “Basic Community Health Awareness and Pre-Hospital Care”. Mr. Dinesh (C.M.C Vellore) also joined with Nancy to lead the session. They have highlighted the contributions rendered by the Christian Missionaries for the educational as well as health sectors. Moreover, they have explained about the importance of the medical assistance, awareness about the various diseases, need of education for the prevention of the health issues, First-Aid, CPR, and the healthy routines that have to keep in everyday life. Constant health education and creating awareness are inevitable to organize a healthy community, they added.