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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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  • ” Kodai Kala Narcheythi Mugam in Marakkanam”: A Missional Engagement and Accompaniment Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: Church of South India Synod Mission and Evangelism Department has engaged in the Summer Camp for the Missionaries organized by the Board of Mission and Evangelism, Madras Diocese on 2nd May 2019 in Marakkanam Area in Villupuram Revenue District. It is popularly known as “Kodai Kala Narcheythi Mugam” in Tamil (A Summer Mission Camp).

    A Summer Mission Camp is the time and opportunity to reach the unreached people in the peripheral areas where marginals and grassroots are thickly populated in a less-privileged living situations. All areas are under developing and yet to go miles and miles for the sustainable developments.

    “Through the Summer Mission Camp, we are planning to cover 200 villages this year which are purely unreached people”, said Rev. Paul Dayanadhan, the Mission Director for Madras Diocese. He further added that Summer Mission Camp is our passion in which all missionaries are taking part. They will be camped in one place and divided into groups which comprised of ten plus members and visited different areas of that camping place. Every year we are conducting the Summer Mission Camp, because it’s our passion for mission to reach the unreached”, he added.

    More interestingly, through this missional engagements, missionaries are propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ through verities of mediums like House visits, Tract distributions, ‘Padakkazchi’(Film Show), ‘katha Kalakshepam’( religious story telling through folk arts and singing), skits, street play, dancing and preaching. Many people are gathering to listen all these activities, especially children.

    An Exposure visit to the Summer Mission Camp was made to the Marakkanam Fields near to the Eat Cost Road (ECR). Both sides of the roads are heavily populated by the less-privileged group of the society. The Right side of the ECR were occupied by the Dalits community whereas left side of the road were settled by the fishermen community. Both areas are still in under developing condition where we could able to see the unquenching spirt for the sustainable transformation in each level of the life.

    The Team for the exposure visit has went to see the working areas such as Edaikazhinadu, Kadappakkam, Kadappakkam Colony, Vellom Konda Agaram, Ekkiyar Kuppam, Kilpettai and Marakkanam. The visit was accompanied by Rev. Paul Dayanandhan, Mission Director in Madras Diocese, Missionaries Mr. Njana Selvan, Mr. Paul Daniel, Mr. Issac, Mr. Lazar, Mr. Dhinakaran, Mr. Joshua and Rev. Maxcin John along with other missionaries.

    It was an eye-opening and heart touching experience to visit the Summer Mission Camp. All missionaries are enthusiastically involved in the mission. People are welcoming missionaries to listen the gospel activities. Children are so happy to listen and they were more curious to listen the missional activities through various art forms. More specifically, people are maintaining creative rapport with the missionaries.

    Undoubtedly, this summer camp will be impactful and fruitful for the people which will open new and fresh venues and new horizons for the missional engagements. The Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen, Bishop in Madras Diocese, Rev. Paul Dayanadhan, Mission Director for Madras Diocese, The Board for Mission and Evangelism in Madras Diocese, All Missionaries and other mission well-wishers and supporters deserve much appreciation for their passion for Mission.

    Reported by

    Rev.Maxcin John

    Director for Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod.


    C.S.I, N.M.S.I, U.C.M.S.I, and G.M.S Met Together in Tirupattur for Mutual Mission Empowerment Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: The Department of Mission and Evangelism, Church of South India (C.S.I) and National Missionary Society of India (N.M.S.I) have jointly organized a missionary empowerment program on 3rd and 4th April 2019 at Kristhukula Asram, Tirupattur. The Missionaries from Vellore Diocese, Global Mission Society in Tutukudy- Nazareth Diocese, National Missionary Society in India and United Missionary Society of India. The program was based on “Enhancing Capacities of Missionaries towards Transformative Missional Engagements”.

    “The Missionaries are the salt and light of the world”, said Rev. Maxcin John, CSI Synod Mission Director during the inaugural speech. He further added that like salt and light, we all should impactful and fruitful to the living community. We should imitate the missional paradigms of Jesus Christ. It is the need of the hour to re-read and re-translate the Bible which is the mission document contextually.

    “Without any reservations, we should realize that we all are one in Jesus Christ”, said Rev. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary, NMSI during his session on “Empowering Tribal Mission towards Radical Transformation”. More emphatically, we should strongly uphold spirituality, service and simplicity in all our missional engagements. A creative and constructive missional network is inevitable in mutual honor and respect, he added.

    “All missionaries must serve as the ministers of new covenant”, stated Rev. J. Jesuspadam, General Secretary, GMS during his session based on 2 Corinthians 3: 4- 4: 10. We should witness the gospel of Christ as we consider ourselves that the letter of Christ written with the spirit of living God which will give life to everybody. Furthermore, we need to be transformed into the same image of Jesus Christ so that we could able to witness gospel of Christ through our deeds and words, he added.

    “Reach the unreached and explore the unexplored” must be the approach and attitude towards the today’s missional engagements, said Rev. Banian Samuel, General Secretary, UCMSI during his session on “Transformative Mission in humility of Christ” based on Philippians 2: 5. He further added that only through the simple and humble attitude, we could reach people without any divisions and discriminations. Face values of the missionaries should simplicity and humbleness which could be reveled through the ministry of Jesus Christ.

    “A new mission trends we could able to implement in today’s missional engagements in tune with the needs of the hour”, said Rev. Sharma Nithyanandam, Chairman for the Mission Department in Vellore Diocese during his session based on “Transformative Mission”. He further pointed out that new mission trends must be ecumenical as well as mutual relational through dialogue, diakonia and discipling. An attitudinal change is must in missional engagements in which we could able to participate in the mission of God through our life and action. We should be transformed first so that we may able to act as an agent of transformative mission.

    The Mission Empowering Program in Tirupattur was a venue for mutual empowering, listening, learning, sharing and encouraging in reciprocal relationship. This program has rejuvenated mission network among like-minded missional movements as well as enhanced the capacities of missionaries and evangelists to partake in mission more creatively and enthusiastically. There were fifty delegates those who have attended the program.


    RevMaxcin John

    Director, Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod.


    Today’s Mission must be for transformation through compassion: Bishop J. George Stephen Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: “Today’s mission must be for the radical and sustainable transformation through compassion”, said the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen, Bishop in Madras Diocese, Church of South India (CSI), during his address in Missionary Conference-2019 which was jointly organized by the Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod, and the Department of Mission and Evangelism, Madras Diocese, on the 29th and 30th March 2019 at LITE, Auditorium, Chennai. Bishop further added that all missionaries have to have a face of compassion and love. All churches must be the centres of service. We need to focus on the social transformation where all people could live together without any fear or frictions, Bishop added.

    The Missionary Conference-2019 began with opening worship and Bible Study led by Rev. Dr. Manuel S. Titus (Madras Diocesan Secretary) in which he emphasized the mission engagements towards the grassroots. He further added that through the mission, we have to address the pains and tears of the people which we could identify in Mathew 25: 31-46.

    “Mission must be inclusive and we are doing a mission to embrace everybody, not to exclude or divide anybody”, said Rev. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary for the National Missionary Society of India (NMSI) during his session based on “Missional Engagements in the pluri-faith context of India”. He pointed out that India is blessed with a rich diversity of culture and religion. There should be religious harmony and reciprocal relationship and we should honour everybody and do everything in love and mutual respect.

    “Like Moses, Joshua and Samson, all missionaries should commit and submit for the will of God to engage in the mission of God”, said Rev. Dr. John Samuel Ponnusamy, Principal, Gurukul Theological College and Seminary, Chennai, during his session based on “Bible and Mission: Contextual Reading”. The mission must be addressing today’s context and tirelessly serving to bring total transformation which could be enjoyable to all, he added. God’s empowering presence is always with us. Therefore, we need to be focused on the will of God and travel towards clear direction through a proper track, he added.

    “All Missionaries must be exponents of God’s love and all should ready to bear cross through the life and action”, emphasized Rev. Paul Dayanandan, Mission Director, Madras Diocese, during the Bible Study on the second day of the conference. Through our life and actions, we have to spread values and qualities to the living context, he added based on Mark 10: 1-34.

    “Guide people in the proper way and take people to right place in right time” are the responsibilities of all missionaries, said Ms. Nancy Walter, Junior Lecturer, CMC Vellore, during her session on” Towards Community Health Perspective”. As missionaries, we need to have basic awareness about community health and also, we should be trained in terms of first-aids and pre-hospital care. It will help us to guide people and help people in that direction, she added. There was a session for interactions and demonstration for the same theme in which delegates actively participated.

    “God is the truth, God is always with truth, and we should be an exponent of truth and truth will set us free”, said Rev.Fr. Jagth Kasper, a social activist and motivational speaker based in Chennai during his session “Basic Human Rights and Religious Freedom”. He further added that right to speak, right to express the belief, and right to propagate are the basic religious freedom provided by the constitution of India. We need to identify the divine intervention in politics and we should know we have constitutional rights and privileges. Poverty is a crime and we should have simplicity in humanity. It is the need of the hour to defend truth and constitutional provisions for everybody, he added.

    The mission statement of Church of South India and Missional priorities were shared to the delegates by Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, during his session on “Mission-Today”. We should use the language of inclusivism and we should love everybody, he added. The mission must be the expression and experiment of love as exemplified in Jesus. It is our bounden duty to declare solidarity with the most vulnerable for their transformation constantly and sustainably, he added.

    One hundred and fifty-five delegates have participated in the Missionary Conference-2019 including resource persons and other well-wishers. It was the joint effort between Synod Mission Department as well as Madras Diocesan Mission Department. Synod Mission Department is grateful to Bishop J. George Stephen for providing accommodation and necessary other supports. Department would like to appreciate Rev. G. Paul Dayananadan (Mission Director) for the leadership to organize the conference. We also acknowledge the presence and leadership of Rev. Manuel S. Titus (Secretary, Madras Diocese), Dr. Samuel Cornelius (Treasurer, Madras Diocese), Rev. Jacob Selvan (City Mission Director), Rev. Deva Prasad (Director for catechists), Rev. Samson (Director for Adivasi-Dalit Organization), Rev.Fernadus and Rev. Alexander (Assistant Mission Directors) and Rev. Alan (Youth Director), Mrs. Japa Rani and Mrs. Sasikala (Synod Mission Staffs), Mr. Nirmal and all the missionaries.

    The Missionary conference was the venue for mutual learning, listening and rejuvenation towards missional engagements.

    Reported by

    Rev. Maxcin John
    Director, Mission and Evangelism Department,
    CSI Synod.


    West Bengal Missionary Training Enhanced the Rural Missions Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: Department of Mission and Evangelism, Church of South India has engaged in West Bengal Missionary Training Conference which was organized by the Board for Mission and Evangelism, South Kerala Diocese on 9th to 11th March 2019 at CSI Mission Compound, Belda in West Bengal. Rt.Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam, Bishop in South Kerala Diocese has inaugurated the training program. “The commitment and dedication are needed for the missionaries to engage in the day to day missions”, Bishop said during the inaugural speech. He further added that it is the need of the hour to enhance the capacity of missionaries and congregation to actively engage in the mission for transformation, especially, transformation of the grassroots. Rev. J. Justin Jose, Mission Director in South Kerala Diocese has conveyed greetings to the training program.

    The training program were led by Rev. P. Chandran (Joint Mission Director in SKD), Rev. S.K. Santhosh (Mission in Charge Salem), Rev. R. Jayaraj (Mission in Charge, West Bengal), Rev. I. Joseph (Mission in charge for Delhi Mission), Rev. Shibu Mayam (Mission in Charge, Chennai Mission), Rev. Dipankar Halder (New Testament Professor, Serampore College, Kolkata), and Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director). Each session was directed based on different missional themes such as mission statement of Church of South India, what is mission and who is missionary? how to maintain mission fields, nature of the mission, worship and preaching, how to enhance the capacities of congregations in the mission fields, and inclusive mission for the transformation. The training program was the occasion to search and research for the rural missional engagements. Eighty Missionaries have attended the training program. It was the venue for refresh and rejuvenation for the upcoming

    Furthermore, there was a mission exposure visit to rural mission fields. It was an eye – opening visit to the mission fields of Donapuram and Arkord. The people those who are living in those fields still needs constant missional accompaniment for the sustainable development of their living community. It is appreciable that South Kerala Diocese is extending meaningful mission support and care for the transformation of the rural areas of West Bengal. Hopefully, we will could able to see more missional engagements in the days to come. Mission Exposure visit was accompanied by Rev. R. Jayaraj, Rev. Shibu Mayam and Mr. Akhil A.V(Missionary in Belda)

    Reported by

    Rev. Maxcin John,

    Director for the Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod


    Othara Mission Conference- “ORUKKAM-2019” Enhanced the Capacity of Congregations to Become Missional Congregation Mission & Evangelism

    Chennai: Department of Mission and Evangelism, Church of South India and Board of Mission and Evangelism, Madhya Kerala Diocese have jointly organized a three-day Mission conference- “ORUKKAM” on 3rd -5th March 2019 at Eco-Spirituality Centre, Othara in Madhya Kerala Diocese. The theme for the conference was “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The conference was inaugurated by Rev. Maxcin John (Director, Synod Mission and Evangelism) and he has pointed out that the Church of South India is a missionary church with commendable evangelistic zeal. The Church always considering that each members of the church are the missionaries of God. So, it is the need of the hour to enhance the capacities of Congregation to become missional, he added.

    The Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, CSI Moderator has engaged with the conference and bless the conference with prayer and greetings. His empowering presence kindled the passion for mission in delegates. Rev. Dr.Sabu K. Cherian ( Chairman, Thiruvalla Church District) conveyed greetings.

    Following to the inaugural session, there was a panel presentation based on “Enhancing Capacities of Medical and Educational Professionals Towards Transformative Mission”. Dr. Josemon (Medical College, Kottayam), Dr. Jessy Sara Koshy (Former Andhra Missionary), Dr. Ashok Philip (Peet Memorial College, Mavelikkara), Mrs. Sanila T. Sunny (Mysore Missionary) and Mr. Moncy Peter have served as panelists. All panelists emphasized the need of enhancing capacities of congregation since all members are the integral part of mission. Moreover, they underlined the importance of healing and education in the missional engagements. The panel presentation was the occasion to boost the educational as well as medical professionals to reach the people in love and service mentality. The sustainable transformation could be realized through the healing and educational ministries and church must be engaged with the people those who are still living in less-privileged situations, panelists highlighted the missional needs.

    A Mission story night was organized on the first day of the conference. Rev. Dr. Sabu K. Cherian, Mr. Philip Varghese, and Mr. Shenoy V. Issac have shared their missional experiences. It was eye-opening and heart-touching stories. Rev. Dr. Sabu K Cherian shared about the Andra Mission and Mr. Philip Varghese shared about Bhilay Mission and Mr. Shenoy talked about Malayora Mission stories. All of them were explained the struggles and sufferings of the people and shared about the ways they could able to reach and engage with the people. They were grateful to God for God’s empowering grace and mercy throughout their missional journeys.

    Rev. Dr. Y.T. Vinayaraj(Professor, Marthoma Seminary, Kottayam) has conducted a Bible Study and a session based on “ Mission and Spirituality: Sociological Dimensions”. He told that the “mission is an invitation into the abundant life”. He further added that mission is not about profit or achievements, but vision of the mission of Jesus Christ and the constant accompaniment with the people, especially, grassroot for the sustainable transformation. Mission is an act of welcoming others into the Christ experience to enjoy justice, peace and reconciliation. There are various modes of missional engagements like “Mission to the Margin”, and “Mission from the Margin”, but we also need to investigate the “Mission in Mutuality” where everybody participating and involving together, he added.

    “Genuine spirituality is the constant relationship and communication towards Godhead and Manhood”, said Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, Director of Communication and Adivasi – Dalit Departments, CSI Synod, during his session based on “Spirituality in Communication”. We need to practice our genuine spirituality through our intra-personal, inter-personal, group and mass communications. In this concern, we need to use the new language of inclusion which will embrace all, he added.

    “A Missionary must be dedicated and committed person for the sake of mission”, said Mr. V.C. Jameson, Asia-Coordinator for Campus Crusade for Christ, during his session based on “Qualities of Missionaries and Inducing Missionary Spirit in youngsters and the formation of young missionaries”. He further added that all missionaries must keep in mind that all are chosen by God’s grace for the mission of God. Therefore, our passion must be engaging in mission constantly for the glory of God and for the betterment of all the people. Adv. Sheeba Tharakan led a session based on “Human Rights: Legal Implications”. She has explained about the relationship between Bible and the Law of the Land. She further added that we are obligated to obey the law of the land which is for all and we should be the exponents of the justice and peace.

    An Open forum was organized in which Diocesan Officers of Madhya Kerala Diocese have attended and have answered to the queries of delegates. Rev. Thomas Paikadu (Treasurer), Rev. John Issac ( Clergy Secretary), Dr. Jacob Philip ( Registrar) and Rev. Viju Varkey( Pastoral Board Secretary) have interacted with the delegates.

    The Mission Conference was well-attended and systematically organized by the board for Mission and Evangelism, Madhya Kerala Diocese. Synod department is grateful to Rev. Jacob George (Mission Director, MKD), Rev. Das George (Mission Board Secretary, MKD), Rev. Raju Jacob(Mission Coordinator, North India), Rev. Prasad John (Mission in Charge, MKD), Rev. Mathews P. Oommen (Integral Mission), Rev. Rajeev Sugu, Rev. Anuroop, Mr. Lalu, Mr. Roy, and Mr. Tharian (Mission Board, MKD), Mr. Philip Varghese (Othara Spirituality Centre) and all other missionaries have contributed much for the mission conference.

    Through this conference, department could able to rejuvenate the passion for the mission and it was the venue to learn and listen together in doing mission.

    Reported by

    Rev. Maxcin John

    Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod